Top 10 Innovative Doors for Your Home


Hence, if you are not happy with your present door or are looking forward to add more class to the entry of your home, these creative doors can help you out. Have a look:

Pivot Doors- Turn The World Around!

Pivot doors- Turn the world around!

For those who want nothing else than a modern style door, the turning pivot doors are perfect deal. You can always get the customized as per your need. Get glasses installed partially or keep them complete visible, it is your choice.

Pivot doors- Turn the world around!1

Multi-Purpose Doors:

Earlier, they were used for barns only. But, now you can use them at homes too. They are just like removable wall and a door too!

Multi-purpose doors

Sliding Glass Door:

Glass defines class in themselves. Make your entrance special with sliding glass.

Sliding Glass Door

Dutch Doors:

Want something different for your sweet cottage? You can give them a try. A barrier, it is a superb idea for entries to staircase, pantries, etc.

Dutch Doors

Two In One Door:

Though they are simple, yet they are different. You can maintain your privacy and let the air and light in, whenever you want to.

Two in one door

So, now you don’t need to stick to those old style wooden or metal doors. Try something new, innovative and classy to make every entry to your home a ‘grand one’!

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