Things You Should Necessarily Repair This Summer

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Winter is the time that brings the toughest weather causing the most damage to your home, especially the storms. Fortunately, summer is upon us! The warm summer days are the best to have your home repaired easily.

Here are the three must do home repairs that need your attention this summer. Have a look:

Things You Should Necessarily Repair This Summer

1.   Damaged Roofing

Damage in the roof can come in the form of puddles of water on the floor, mushy spots on flooring, etc. It is, as such, recommended for you to look for ways to prevent all these trouble spots.

  • Use a 12 * ­12 inch of galvanized sheet metal flashing to temporarily solve a roof leak quickly.
  • On drying, lift the damaged shingle carefully.
  • Push the flashing completely under the course above the leak.

If still you face issues, call a handyman professional to further assist and help you.

2.   Water-Stained Ceilings

A roof leak brings a yellow or mushy stain on the ceiling. Painting right over cannot solve the problem of stains as with every coat of paint build a new stain after the water has dried. To deal with this:

  • As a permanent solution to the problem, seal the stain with a stain sealer and then recoat the ceiling with the paint.
  • Paint the whole ceiling as touching up only the wet area won’t solve the problem.

3.   Decayed Woodwork

Extreme winter weather and storms attack on wood sills causing it to rot. With time, wood rot can cause structural failure. For this:
• Using epoxy wood filler can be an effective trick to repair the area.
• Use a chisel to extricate the rotted wood.
• Drill about 1⁄4 ­inch holes in to the damaged wood.
• After that, soak the entire rotted area with liquid epoxy to transform the area into a durable base for filler.
• Leave the setting for four­ five minutes to set into the wood and then reapply until the wood reach its limit to no longer absorb the consolidant.
• Paint the area within three days.

Contact a professional handyman for damage on bigger areas and get the assessment done.

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