Surprising Tech Gadgets- Turn Your House Into A Smart Home!

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While the world is incessantly changing to a smarter phase, it is advisable to update your homes too. Smart homes not only make living convenient, but efficient too. There are number of small and big additions you can make to your place. Some of them are certainly highly expensive, but there are few others, which are greatly useful, and doesn’t cost too much. Here is a list of things that can help you significantly in making up of a smart home.

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Nest Cam:

Just imagine, a small device offering you a wide-angle, 1080p stream to make your home secure. Yes, it is possible now with Nest Cam. It is the latest functional, high resolution, and connected wireless security camera. So, now if something suspicious occurs at your place, you can get the alerts. And not only it senses doubtful activities at your place, but also provide you with past footage through the cloud.


Wish to monitor your grill with help of your smartphone or tablet? Here is your solution. Though it is billed as a grilling thermometer, yet it is perfect for your kitchen. With a controller and two temperature probes, it can be connected to four additional probes to track the temperatures of different food items. On other hand you can use the probes to track the temperature inside the grill remotely, while you’re busy with smoking, slow roasting, or using the rotisserie.

August Smart Lock:

Another safety investment you can make is with the August Smart Lock. Basically, it uses keyless technology and assures your home safety, even when you’re not around. Yes, with help of your smartphone you get the power to let guests in and make sure whether you locked up or not. Along this, it keeps a record of the entries and exits.

Click and Grow:

Are you a lazy gardener? Or you don’t get enough time to look up to your kitchen yard, here is a solution. You can now have a line of self-watering smart pots and enjoy the delight of owning a well-stocked herbal garden. You can bring home a starter pack which comes with a pot, three basil cartridges and smart soil. All you need is to fill up the water reservoir, put in the cartridge and you are almost done. It carries variety of plant cartridges, like chili peppers, stevia, strawberry, peppermint, etc.

Though the list is very long, but for now, only a handful of these gadgets can help you make a successful experiment with your home!

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