Surprising 7 Facts About Electricians That You Must Know


In everyday life of the vast majority around the world, electricity is an extremely primary requirement. Whether it’s night or day, whatever may happen, electricity makes our life simpler in a few ways. It keeps our homes lit, food warmed and water cool or hot as required.


When some fault arises in our electricity or we need to roll out improvements to what we already have, we call an electrician. Electricians are gifted experts who can do a variety of tasks for satisfying the necessities of our present day electricity needs.

There’re some surprising facts about them that you may not know in case you’re not an electrician yourself. Have a look…

Master Electricians are Trained as Long as Doctors

When we talk about the job of an electrician, experience matters a lot. There’s no space for any mistake in this job. That is the reason electricians of expert rank are prepared for 8 years like doctors.

Electricians must have Better Thinking Skills

Before beginning hands-on-practice, and testing of faults in different electronic products an electrician must grasp an extensive amount of information about electricity and gadgets.

Electricians going Green

Like other source of energy, even electricity has its own impediments and can be produced within those limits only. That is the reason why more and more electricians are presently concentrating on Ecofriendly energy. Solar electricity technology and numerous other new electricity technologies are picking up ubiquity and electricians are considering them important.

Electricians Risk Their Lives Most Days

Electrical Hazards cause at least 1 death per day in the United States. In every 30 minutes a laborer in the United States experiences an electrical harm that requires time off. One goof or misstep can cost an electrician, his or her life in a moment. In this way, the life of the electrician and also the lives of the individuals who use electricity should be balanced.

Electricians Earn Substantial Sums of Money

This figure demonstrates that in quality top line, electricians earn substantial sums of money playing out their specialty. The middle yearly pay of electricians is around $51,000, as compared to the many other blue collar jobs.

Electricians and Electrical Companies Are Creating a Facebook Business Page

Earlier, electricians and electrical companies never invested the time and energy to have any presence on Facebook.  But, now the time has changed and they actually understand the value of social media presence. And, a happy customer will definitely take out some time to leave a genuine testimonial on the electricians FB page.

The Average Age of Licensed Electrician is 55  

Although there are many in this profession who are above 60 years of age. But, it is said that the average age till an electrician can work is 55.  Electricians are in demand in many areas of the country. Qualified and quality electricians will dependably in demand.


So, these were the 7 surprising facts of electricians according to us. Are we missing any of the important facts that you consider the most important? Do share with us in a comment box given below!

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