Some Open Concept Kitchen Designs That Really Work


Kitchens are no more constrained to cooking nutrition. It has now turned to a ‘social space’. And the “Open Kitchen Trend” adds to this fashion by simplifying the décor without losing the functionality. Looking to create extra space in your home? Want a common floor plan for your kitchen and dining area to welcome guests and family members? If yes, explore the various options for an open kitchen design.

Open kitchens can be great entertaining spaces; moreover, they are also significant when it comes to functionality, storage, and efficiency. The first things to consider for designing an open kitchen is the number of walls you want to keep standing in the space. The walls if load-bearing, the decision might be made in your favor, but if you take down any internal walls, you’ll have to keep just one. You will need to sacrifice a bit of storage to implement a one-walled open kitchen design.

Dive-in this amazing pool of amazing open kitchen designs.

1. Two-Island open Kitchen: This kitchen has doubles for everything: 2 refrigerators, 2 islands, and 2 sinks. Kitchen with these features gives an open and fresh feel. The storage space is hidden behind white cabinets and glass inserts make the space feel lighter. The islands without closing off the kitchen from the adjoining living room offer storage, prep space, and seating for casual meals.

112. Extra Dining Space: A kitchen and the dining area when connected make a great combination for easy serving. You can move the tables and chairs easily depending upon the number of people dining. If you are planning to organize a larger event, simply remove the tables and make room for mingling where the island can serve as a buffet for appetizers. Feel like restro at home!

223. Corner Kitchen: With this corner open kitchen style, you don’t need a long stretch of space. This kitchen connects with a dining area that wraps around the corner into a family room. Beautiful white light and modern but simple furniture can further add elegance to the open layout.

334. High Traffic Areas: Right in the middle of the home’s main traffic flow, this kitchen keeps onlookers out of the way by dividing the kitchen with two islands. This division leaves ample room for a walkway in the center. The Peninsulas supporting the Colonial-style columns offer seating where people can meet outside the kitchen and still talk to the cook.


5. Small Open Kitchen: If you own really small house and still you want to give your kitchen a great look, this design is for you. Even if your home is older, you can renovate it to open up the small kitchen space by creating a large pass-through in one wall. Enjoy a casual seating created by the peninsula.


6. Furniture Style Features: Turn your boring, outdated kitchen into a luxurious furniture piece with seating, storage, and Marble Island. Install open shelving around the doorway to and enhances the furniture setting. Stainless-steel appliances, and low-profile stools suffuse the space with modern-day style.


So which one Is your choice??

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