Simple DIY Tips for Building a Doghouse!



Dog House






Are you looking to build a doghouse for your lovely pet? Good thing is that it is very easy. Building a doghouse on your own won’t require advanced carpentry skills and the project can be completed on the same day.

Here we have listed some simple DIY steps to build a kennel for your dog.

Tools and Materials:

Prepare the Framing:

You need to prepare the framing of the structure for a doghouse. It is done by assembling the several wooden identical sections together. You will need 14 sections (2×2 dimensions for each)

  • Take two long sections and two width sections and join them together using 4 L shape brackets and some screws. It should look like a rectangle. This framing will be used for the bottom of the house.
  • Afterward, repeat the same process to prepare the frame for the top of the house.
  • Now you have two framings—one for a top and another for the bottom. Join them using the six remaining “sections for heights”. Screw them to bottom section using longer screws.
  • Later, screw the top frame on the opposite side.

Your main framing is now complete. It should look like a 3D box.

Install the Sidings to Front and Back:

Now, it’s a time to assemble the sidings from front and back at the framing. Determine the width and height of your frame and note those dimensions on the sheets of plywood. Draw two rectangular shapes on the plywood sheets. Afterward, draw two isosceles triangles above each rectangle using a ruler and the protractor. After illustrating the shapes, cut it out using the saw. In this way, you have two sidings. Nail them on the back and the front of the frame.

Attach Left and Right Siding Assembly:

In the previous step, you have attached the sidings on the back and the front of the frames. Now, you will attach left and right siding for complete coverage. Cut out the two sheets of plywood according to the width and height of your frames. Attach them to the left and right side of the frame. Now, the structure will be looking like the box. In the next step, you will learn how to create an opening.

Make an Opening in the Structure:

Determine the size of your pet and create an opening according to its height and breadth. For example, if your dog is 19 inches tall from the ground, the door opening should be at least 14 inches tall.

After taking the measurement of your dog, create the opening carefully with the help of the saw or jigsaw.

Install the Plywood Sheet at Bottom:

After creating an opening, now you will install the bottom side. So, take the dimension of the total bottom length and width of your frame (like you do in previous steps) and cut out the one plywood sheet accordingly with the help of the saw or jigsaw.  Nail it to the bottom part using large screws.

Install the Plywood Sheet at Top for Making Roof:

Now, cut another plywood sheet that will be used as a roof. A slant roof style is better for both your pet’s comfort and appearance. Slant roof will be slightly tilted to the back while the front will be slightly raised. So, cut two 5-10 cm studs and nail them on the two sides above the door.  Now, install the plywood sheet on the top. Cover the side gaps with extra plywood pieces.

Give it a Final Touch:

Congrats! A DIY project of your doghouse is almost finished. Want to make it look attractive? You can paint or stain the whole structure to protect it from weather and termites or mildew. You can also use some handles for your convenience while moving the house.  Use chinks to fill the gaps in between the timbers.

Here are some precautions you should follow while taking care of your doghouse:

  • Avoid leaving the doors closed during hot months
  • Don’t install the house directly on the ground where it can be prone to moisture and excessive cold climate
  • Don’t place carpet, straw, blanket or towel inside for your pet’s comfort. This is because body heat, darkness, and moisture will attract ticks, fungus, and fleas.

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