Simple DIY Steps to Wall Mount Your TV


If you have purchased a new TV and wondering on to mount it on the wall then you are reading the right blog. Wall mounting the TV is a creative and an easy DIY project. Following is a basic guide for wall mounting your TV through some simple steps.


Consider the following DIY steps to wall mount your TV.

1. Choose The Right Bracket

This is the most important part because your whole TV is going to rest onto this. When you buy the TV ask them for the authenticity of the bracket as they can provide you the best information.

2. Select the Right Cables

There are three main things you can do with the cables.

  • Inserting the cables into the wall-Before doing this , check the type of the wall-internal plaster, stud, brick or even the ceiling.
  • Use a cable concealer -The other way you can handle the wires is to paint them with the same color as that of the wall.
  • The third way is to simply leave them hanging-You can also look for colored cables as they add some prettiness to your place, in case you are hanging them. But buy some extra length of cables to ensure they don’t fall short later.

3. Locate the Studs

If you are not able to find power points then you even remove the wall plate to find it. After finding the stud make a pencil mark over the place. Then take the measurement of the vertical distance between the screw holes.

Take a rough idea at what height would you want your TV to be. Mark the places for the screw and verify the height again.

4. Embed The Mount

Now attach the mount over the wall and again see if the level is fine or not. You can even create a hole using the drill machine to hide your cables.

5. Finally Wall-Mount Your New TV

The most awaited step has come now. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and put TV over the mount. Probably, you will need someone’s assistance to lift the TV to the level of mount.

Check for the stability and firmness of the mount before and after mounting the TV.

So, finally you can now just enjoy movies and other shows at your new TV.

If you are short of time then you can even look up for local handyman for wall mounting your T.V.

If you have a better way, then you are always welcomed to share.

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