Refinishing A Floor: Now It Is Not A Hard Thing To Do!


A time after, hardwood floors easily get worn out. It can be due to constant use or the changing weather conditions. Yes, even with the best maintenance regimen there are good chances that these encounter mishaps such as small surface scratches, spilled juices, etc. The only good thing is that it doesn’t take much time and effort to get rid of the worn floor conditions.

Refinishing a Floor Now it is not a hard thing to do

Check out what all you need to do:

Start With Sanding:

It will be your first step towards renovating your floor appearance. Basically, it involves usage of sandpaper and a machine, a floor sander which help you smooth out the wood surface. Using it on the floor will help you get rid of those unwanted scratches. And don’t worry you don’t need to buy a floor sander, as these are generally available for rent. Another thing you need to take care of is that the sandpaper you buy must be of different grit sizes. They must fit your floor sander.

So, when you start with the sanding the floor, firstly remove all the furniture and loose particles that are on the floor. Begin with sweeping and mopping, as it will remove all those loose particles which might scratch the wood surface and even, tear your sandpaper. And yes, do remember while sanding, do it simply in the direction of the wood grain, not against it.

Move To The Staining:

So, you are finished with the sanding process of the entire floor. It is right time to proceed with the staining. Well this can be a simple optional step, reason being while some homeowners wish to retain the wood’s natural color, they skip staining. When you are about to begin with the staining process sweep and vacuum the floor properly. Remember, you need to remove the dust produced by sanding for sure. As far as the wood stains are considered, it can be bought from any hardware store. These are easily available in different shades and colors. You need to apply a reasonable amount on a piece of cloth, directly apply to the floor following the direction of the wood grain. Just 2 or 3 coats would be sufficient.

Time For Finishing:

Coming to the last step, it is refinishing of the wood floors. If it is about the most commonly used finishing product, polyurethane is highly counted on. Also there are several promising products which are perfect to offer environment-friendly wood finishes. Proceed with a lamb’s wool applicator or a roller to cover it with the polyurethane finish. Now this floor finish is ample to offer protection to the hardwood. You can also apply the second coat for better protection.

So, now you know how simple the process is. Keep your floors perfect and make your home a better place to live!

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