How To Know Whether A Particular Handyman Service Is Right For You?


If you are planning to get some fixes for your roof, kitchen or the bath area then hiring a professional handyman is the best option. A handyman is qualified and experienced enough to make the right fixes for your home and even manage the logistics thereby completing the task in a chaos free and budget-friendly way.


Following are the five basic things you should inquire about from the handyman before you hire him for your home repairs.

Type Of Project They Handle

You may find companies that provide services for painting to remodeling your kitchen. But this is not the case with every handyman. Every handyman has its own skills and specialization so you will have to ask them before you hire for a particular project. Choose a company which cannot just fulfill your immediate requirement but also turn help for help if required in future.

Do They Provide Licensed And Insured Workers?

You should check with the company whether they the workers are trained, licensed, bonded and adequately insured. Don’t rely on just oral conversation instead verify by asking photocopies of necessary paperwork for license or bonds. Check the background of the handymen and the previous services they had delivered.

Will They Turn Up For Maintenance Sessions In Future?

Most reputed companies make sure they deliver services timely when it comes to regularly scheduled maintenance. And if you are the one who cannot keep a record of seasonal maintenance then its best to work with a company that can take care of all your routine maintenance in advance. For example, Routine roof inspections and gutter cleanings two times in a year to avoid costly repairs.

Pricing Model

If you need a handyman for some here and there repairs you can hire a handyman which can work by the hour. If you have a project that would take a longer time to accomplish then hiring a handyman who quotes per project is a better option. It all depends upon you project and the type of handyman the companies provide.

Workmanship Guarantee

The reputed companies will always offer an assurance of their work. Check workmanship guarantee of at least a year, online reviews, references, previous clients to get a true picture of the company.

If you have more recommendations for screening handyman services then you can give your suggestions in the comments below.

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