Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas for S’more Campfire Memories



Adding a fire pit as part of reforming will surely extend the appearance of your backyard. Outdoor fire pits are the best place to spend some time in relaxing with family, friends and relatives. They provide warmth, a cooking source, and a feel, which makes them a natural gathering spot for socializing and relaxing. If they are placed where they can be easily seen from the interior living space, you can enjoy them from the indoors as well.


Deciding The Look

When it comes to the size, shape and style of a fire pit, there are various options. You can either have a built-in fire pit installed, or you can go for a portable one. The option of built-in fire pit will allow you to choose from a variety of outdoor finishing materials including concrete, stone and brick. And, for the shape, you can choose between round, square, triangular, or an entirely custom shape.

If you decide to build your own fire pit, consider these tips:

  • If you have a large family, you’ll need a big fire pit for everyone to gather around it. So, keep in mind the amount of space you have to work with.
  • Checking the building codes in your area will help you determine where to place your fire pit and what type of wood you can burn.
  • Make sure that your fire pit is built out of a decorative and a heat absorbent material, as well.
  • For any assistance, you can always hire a professional handyman service to further guide you.

You can also use these simple ideas:

  • Since, fire pits play an important role in enhancing the look of the open space, pick up a shape and size that works best for you and that suits your space. 
  • Go creative. Add tranquility to the pit area by adding plants, flowers or even a water feature.
  • To avoid disturbance during rain, add your fire pit underneath a gazebo.
  • Make your fire pit a place to relax by adding comfortable seating, and pillows.

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