New Year’s Eve Party Planning Checklist


New Year Party


New Year is just around the corner. You must be geared up for the celebrations. If you are throwing a New Year’s Eve party, make sure to work over this ultimate checklist.

Choose Invitations:

Firstly, make sure to prepare a guest list and let them know about the timings of the party. Decide how many people you want to and can host without any hassles. Then, create an invitation. You can send out online invitations as they are both easy and Eco-friendly. For example, you can create a Facebook event. There are many online sites where you can find a wide range of online greeting card.

Decorate the Venue:

If you are organizing New Year eve party at your home, you can decorate the home the way you can. But make sure your theme can vibe out the spirit of New Year. Make the things glittery as possible. What about metallic or glittery decor?

Deck up your entire ceiling with gold and silver balloons! To enhance the effect, try sparkly or curly strings. Bring in the cheesy glass, party hats, and noisemakers. Use your Christmas light and stream them across the home. Besides, create a festive backdrop or photo-booth. With these simple and easy decorations, you can set the right tone of the party at your home.

Decide on Food and Drinks:

Let’s admit it. A party seems incomplete without good food and drinks.

As the party is likely to start in the evening, serving appetizers and fingers food is the ideal way to open the foods for the guests. Create pigs in a blanket or get fancier with calamari or oysters, whatever goes with your budget and mood of your party. Make sure to serve paper plates, napkins, silverware and platters as your guests enjoy the food.

What about drinks?

Champagne is the most suitable drink for your New Year party. Fruit juice and cola should be there for teetotalers. And buy enough ice as you may need tons of it.


Music, dance and games are crucial elements of party entertainment. Let’s make it more exciting. Ask your guests to give you their 2 favorite songs when they accept the invitation. Then, create a playlist based on the songs of your guests. The music arrangement should be organized. Ask if someone of your friends can be a DJ if you don’t want to spend money on DJ. The fun can be taken to next level with some cool party games. For example, you can set a resolution game which involves a resolution with the person who creates it. Or you can fill a large glass jar with counted pieces of pennies, stones, candies, and marbles. Provide small slips of paper for the guests so that they can write the number of objects they assume the jar contains and their name. Announce the winner at the end of the party.

Photo booth will be an exciting option to your New Year’s Eve party. They are very simple. All you need to add streamers to the wall for a backdrop along with plenty of balloon and props for a fun photo. This way, guests will be taking pics all night long.

So these are the things that can make your New Year’s celebration special and memorable as well. Above all, be a responsible and caring host and make sure the guests enjoy the party. Happy New Year in advance.

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