Living Room Paint Ideas: Adding Creativity to the Heart of Your Home

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Beyond the best furniture and decorative stuff, a coat of paint can really make your living room more delighted and alive.home-living-room-best-paint-colors

Following are some of the best ways by which you can redecorate and reinvigorate your living room. Just take a look!

  • Add etiquette to walls by creating accent walls

An inexpensive way to add a mixture of drama and decency to your living room walls is by creating a featured wall painted with an accent color. An accent wall makes the place look more vivacious and also makes it a center of attraction.

If all other walls of your room are painted with bold colors then preferably you can create featured walls that will magnify the beauty of the other walls as well. The best way is to choose an architectural theme or collection of artwork to add a different flavor to your living room.

Tip: You need not to stick to one color simply for creating an accent wall. You can also choose stripes or a combination of colors to give an altogether different look.  Living Room Painting

  • Give your ceiling a contrast look

Sometimes in lieu of painting walls, we neglect that painting the ceiling can add glory to your room.  By adding a different color to the ceiling can add more dynamism to your living room space. You can use a mute shade or even chose a bold color to brighten up a light colored room.

Tip: For a room with low ceilings, a cool shade would just do a wonder job of making it appear big and also make it look more pulsating.


  • Let the floor float in color

Painting the walls is a great idea! Painting the ceiling with an altogether different color palette is an excellent idea!! But if that still leaves you unsatisfied or you are in a mood of trying something out of the way then painting the floors is an extraordinary way to redecorate your living room.

There are so many ways you can paint your floor especially, if you have concrete floors. Depending on your choice you can give a bold outlook, a solid touch or use a bright white to lighten up the floor. Otherwise, customary checkerboard tiles with two complementary paint colors also look elegant.

Tip: Concrete floors look best with an ultra-shiny coat of epoxy.

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Harbor customer mural wallpaper

Now, this is going to be an adventurous thing to design a mural for your wall. A mural is nothing but a wall masterpiece that can vary in size depending upon the requirement. It can be large or very small or a fully fledged wall piece.

Wall murals have a grace of their own and they make the room look more glamorous. You can choose any background color and use a self-designed theme to put on the work of a popular artist. You can even hire a professional to give a decent and clean look to your walls. Good mural wallpaper will simply change the outlook of your room.

Tip: If you don’t get enough ideas of creating a mural all by yourself, you can simply hang a piece of art work to beautify it.

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