Interiors designers NYC suggest why curtains are important for home insulation


Windows, we all know, are the most exciting part in the house; I can sit by the window and spend endless hours. Windows provide so many benefits – natural daylight and the majestic view of the outdoors being the primary ones. During winter months, the windows become really parasites in the house, letting out all the heat of the house; so what can you do to avert it?


Windows can be reason why home doesn’t remain warm despite the insulation you done in your abode. Interior Designers Service in NYC would tell you that the best way to restrict windows from letting out heat is to use curtains. Generally insulation for the windows, the curtains create an air gap between the windowpanes and the room.

It has been seen and Interior Designers NYC point out that unfortunately a large majority of curtains do not function aptly in holding the warmth as well as they should.
The problem

Whether you have single glaze, double glazed or storm windows; windows anyhow remain a problem for home insulation. No matter how great those windows in the house look, they will allow the heat to escape them. But if looked closely, the windows can be cared for are treated to keep the house from losing its heat.

There are two primary ways to do so – the curtains used should be fitted properly close to the window, and they should be long enough to touch the floor. Curtains can help in preserving the heat indoors, but most people are unaware of it. Here Interior Designers NY are explain just how:

Low performance curtains–

Latest Interior Designers Service NYC say that households normally have curtain tracks, which hold the curtain some inches from the window. The style called open top curtain track leaves some adjustable gap between the curtain and the wall, this gap actually diminishes the insulation performance of the window.
This is because as the window is cold in winters, the warm air of the house between the window and the curtain cools down as the warm air is radiating out through the windowpane. The cold air between the window and the curtain falls to the floor and creates low pressure in the room by seeping under the curtain and into the room, thus cooling down the temperature of the house.

Solution to the problem

The best way, to stop the flow of air behind the curtain, is to use pelmet, which cover the top of the curtain trail. The pelmet attached to the wall or draping down from the ceiling (covered from the sides) can cover the top of the curtain above the window and restrict the warm air from flowing behind the curtains. Other way is to use free hanging curtains that are floor length. These curtains will restrict the cold air from the windows to seep into the house from underneath the curtains.

These are things that you can do yourself. But if you are not clear on want professional assistance you can contact Hays NYC for help.

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