Sliding Doors

The major reasons homeowners often install a sliding door is for the proper intake of the sunlight or to get some privacy. However, installing a sliding door for the first time is not as easy as it seems to. But if you have even a little bit of experience under your tool belt, you will definitely install a sliding door with quite an ease.  Before installing a sliding door, you should be clear with some basic questions in mind:

  • The area where you intend to install a sliding door- It is considered to be more efficient to install a sliding door in an area from which a large front door has been removed.
  • The material you wish to use for sliding door- Wood and fiberglass are the two most common residential materials for the doors.

Once you are clear with the above-mentioned questions, go ahead with the article and learn step-by-step to install a sliding door.

  • Measuring the opening of your door

Before you make any purchase for a door, the first thing you need to do is to note down the exact size of the openings that the door needs to fill. Measure the full width of the hole using a measuring tape. Measure from stud to stud and note down the values. Measure both the width and height of the opening so that you can refer the same measurements when you are out o shopping.

  • Purchasing a sliding door

When you go to the market to buy a sliding door, make sure that you carry your measuring tape along with you so that you can confirm that the door you will choose will fit well in the opening designed for the door. The cost of the door will depend on the material and quality of the door you choose.

  • Clean up the area before installation

If you are replacing the old door with a new one, make sure that after removing the old door; also remove the leftover nails or torn material. Make sure that the top, bottom, and side frames of the area are all level. Make use of shim to even out the door frame.

  • Apply flexible flashing

Before starting the process of installation, lay flexible flashing all over the sill, wrapping it up the opening sides. Flashing is done to protect the door frame and lower edges of the sliding door from any kind of water damage. Flashing is easily available with any hardware store.

  • Set the door frame in place

Take help of one of your family members to lift and carry the door frame inside the house. Make sure to assemble the frame following the manufacturer’s instructions strictly. Be sure not to install the door backward. The side that will showcase a small track for sliding need to face outwards.

  • Screw the frame in place

In one of the above-mentioned points, you may have removed some screws from the sides, top and bottom of the old frame. Use the same screws for the new door frame too and tighten until they are securely embedded in the door frame.

  • Install the panels and handle

Again with help of a family member, lift the first section of the sliding door and set the bottom in place on the track in the for the frame. Now, repeat the same for the top position of the door too. After installing the first section, repeat the entire process for the second door too. You can attach the metal handles with sliding door too at this stage.

  • The interior and exterior trim needs to be reattached

Once you are confident enough that the door is securely in place, just nail the interior and exterior trim back as well. Attach these to the same locations from which you removed them at the beginning of the process and you are ready with your brand new sliding door.


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