How Will The Summer Sun Affect Your Home?


Everybody likes to head out to the beach to cool down on a hot sunny day. But, do you know that the same hot sun can also impact your home’s exterior and energy costs?


Have a look at these few things to keep in mind this summer to help protect your home from the sun’s rays.

  • Avoid Siding Damage 

Your home’s exterior is the area to be affected severely with the sun and that the damages are also clearly visible. The Ultra-violet rays of the Sun can cause photo-degradation of your exterior walls, with paint, aluminum siding, and wood which leads to the dullness of dark or bright siding options. Due to the UV light and extensive heat of the sun, the paint on the walls can also face problems like bleaching, peeling and chalking.

 When selecting your new siding, think about the fading! As you know, fading and other sun damage can affect the look of your home and reduce its curb appeal; several newer options have been made by the siding experts that are most resistant to fading.

If you find your siding losing its shine, contact professional handyman service providers about the best options for your house that can easily withstand sun exposure without any damage. Your handyman can help you find the best option that will give you the appearance you want for long.

Think about the color of your house 
Often, we feel that a car with dark color like black gets hotter than other. Do you know why? This is because dark colors absorb more heat than light colors. The same is true for houses.

“Darker houses absorb more heat than lighter ones.”

It’s a fact that houses that are painted in darker colors like dark red or forest green can absorb more heat from the sun than white or robin’s egg blue. Well, talking about these paint colors of the house is important because the amount of heat that your home absorbs can directly correlate to your home’s heating and cooling bill.

A darker house will get heated up early and it’ll be harder to cool it. The opposite is true for lighter homes. So, if you want to save on your energy bills, get your house painted with bright and light colors.

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