How To Repair A Broken Storm Door Closer


Security and Storm are the two words that need attention. But, when they are used together, it’s all about special attention. To protect your home from storms, these days people are picking up storm security doors. They are the best when it comes to securing and protecting your home from storm.

How To Repair A Broken Storm Door Closer

Make sure that the doors are in good repair as front and back doors are the one, that fight against heavy winds. The excessive opening of the door leads to the breaking of the storm door closer.

Some other reasons for a broken storm door closer  are as follows;

  • Rusting on internal springs
  • Unadjustment of springs that stops the door closer from closing properly
  • Improperly installed bolt that makes the door, unable to close
  • Uncleaned tracks with debris makes the door closure harder to open and shut the door
  • Lack of providing the lubricant timely to the door closer

To maintain the broken storm door, it’s best if you go for “do-it-yourself” process. Take out a day when you are free, collect some tools and materials to make your storm door back to work!

All you need is to follow the simple steps which are further subdivided;


  • While starting the work, make sure you lock the storm door
  • Remove the broken bracket of closer and mounting screw
  • Remove the pin from the bracket by releasing the piston arm
  • Throw off the old bracket


  • Replace the jamb door with a new storm door
  • Mark with places with a marker where you want the holes to be drilled
  • While lining up the plates, make sure that steel plate should be parallel to the door frame edges
  • With the help of wood putty, fill in the damaged holes, woods, crevices or cracks and then, install the steel plate
  • Once the area is repaired, paint it


  • After drying the paint, place the steel plate with the help of screws
  • Then, attach the storm door closer to the door with screw number 10
  • Closer bracket should be united with the storm door with the aim of enough space available to work properly.


  • With the help of the piston pin, connect the new bracket and piston arm
  • After connecting everything, take a test of the door to get assure about the opening and the closing

Thus, above given steps were the perfect “DIY” to get rid of broken storm door closer and repair it faster.

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