How To Rekey A House Lock?


Once in a lifetime, you might come across a situation where you just locked yourself out or have lost the keys. You are lucky enough if this happens in day time when you can easily a locksmith to help. But what if returning from a party you realize that you left your keys at the venue and the clock is striking 12. Yes, it seems to be fearful.

How To Rekey A House Lock

However, it won’t be a big deal if you know how to rekey a lock, isn’t it? Yes, you can rekey a lock easily. How? Learn here:

First Remove The Knob:

You will need a wire tool, which is easily available with the rekeying kits. Insert this wire into the knob hole and try to depress the knob clip. Finally pull the knob off the door.

Now It’s Retainer Ring Turn:

You need to push the retainer ring tool against the retainer ring. Doing so, you will easily pop it off the cylinder. If needed, you can use the special retainer ring tool, which comes with the kit. You will need to force it off the thin retainer ring. Make sure you set the ring aside carefully so that it can be replaced later.

Remove The Cylinder Plug:        

Finally, you have to remove the plug from the cylinder. For this, insert a key and turn it either to the left or right. You have to remove the plug and thus start pushing the plug follower through the cylinder. Apply constant pressure between the plug and follower so that you can secure the pins and springs both, preventing them from popping out.

Match The Colored Pins:

Now dump out the old pins as it is time to insert the new key. You can use a tweezers or even those small needle-nose pliers will work. Use them to match the new colored pins as per the color code on the instruction sheet accompanied with the kit.

So, this is how you can re-key your locks at home. In addition, you need to be bit careful with lock brands. If there is any information you don’t understand or you find it challenging to rekey the locks, calling up a professional locksmith to help out is an always available option.

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