How to Refinish Wood Tables? Follow The Easy ‘DIY’ Steps

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How to Refinish Wood Tables

Is any of your furniture isn’t looking quite right anymore? Or any of your favorite old table need to get repaired? If yes, then make your old furniture alive by giving it a fresh, new look. In fact, there is no need to call any repairer to do that. We are here with some effective ‘DIY’  to refinish any of the wooden tables!

You can pick any of the ikea wood table of your home to refinish it by your own. Whether you decide on a natural wood stain or a strong layer of paint, crafting a new look for your table should be affordable by just a few steps.

Read on the steps…

  • First, Clean the table with a damp cloth to remove the dust and the existing finishing.
  • With the help of heavier grit sandpaper, remove the heavy finishing. One can use the 100-grit, 150-grit, or 220-grit paper to smooth out the grain.
  • Chemical strippers can also be the other choice for evacuating an old finish. They’re anything but difficult to utilize, however, they can be muddled and you should make sure to take after the maker’s guidelines.
  • You will need to perform this step twice a time, if the finish doesn’t come off the first time.
  • If you can see that the vast majority of the finish has been removed, plunge a bit of steel wool into the stripping solvent and rub the steel wood on the table.
  • Now, it’s a time for Pre-coat Sanding with a medium or fine- grit sandpaper. Do it in the downward direction.
  • Wherever you find rough spots or blemished areas, first smooth that with a coat before doing it as a whole.
  • Clean the wood dust left while sanding with the help of tack cloth.
  • Paint the table with a paint brush. Uproot the trickles or extra drains to maintain a strategic distance from uneven look. To get an awesome refinishing, repeat this once again. Leave the table till it gets dry.
  • Then, after so many hours, when the table gets dry. Apply a clear and final coat. The coat should be 2-4 or one can even paste wax with a paint brush to make your table safe.
  • Last, let the table dries for at least 24 hours.

Once you’ve done with these 11 ‘DIY’ steps and the table is dry enough, now it’s time to put your table back to your favorite place. Yeah… It’s time to appreciate your work with a show off!

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