How to Prep Up a Room for Paint?


The second most aggravating step after cleanup process is to prepare a room for paint. But if you have an organized prep up plan for painting your room then it will certainly gear up the work and save a lot of time. The following blog is about tips for prepping up the room before you finally start up the painting process.

How to Prep Up a Room for Paint

Check the following must-to-do points for an effective room paint process in order to make sure none of the furniture and other valuable stuff gets spoiled.

 Inspect the Space

This is the first thing to be done before any other task. Take a quick walk through the room along with your customer, spouse or friends and check out the areas which are not to be painted like carpet or wooden floors, as well as furniture, lamps and knick knacks. If there are any breakages, nicks or cracks then make sure you get them repaired before the paint. You can also take pictures of places where the paint shouldn’t be applied or make a video to make sure things fall in right place. This is important if you are painting for your customers because if things go wrong then the blame will be on you.

Move the Furniture

If the room has any furniture such as light weight chair, or dining table chairs then they should be moved before the paint procedure. Another thing to be taken care of is to move the furniture with utmost safety to avoid any breakages.

Move everything including beds, sofas, magazines, books and newspapers.

Move the Furniture

Remove Wall-Hangings

It is common to find paintings, photographs and decorative items in a home. So, before you start with the painting process make sure you remove everything from the walls. Even the switch plates should also be removed from the walls and kept safely. You should also break all the circuits to the room you are painting to avoid any accidents due to electricity.

 Clean the Walls

If you have clean walls then it will give a better finishing after the painting is over. Don’t scrub the walls with soap and water rather use a dry cloth to wipe off the dust or cobwebs if any. Washing the walls is a tedious process and will end up with nothing but time wastage.

Tape off the Floor

You can use standard beige masking tape to tape the carpet alongside baseboard. But make sure you remove the tape within two days else it would be too difficult to remove. If your room has wooden floors then use a blue painter’s tape. Just make sure your any paint marks don’t become permanent on the floor.

It’s advisable to hire a professional painter to make sure you end up with perfectly painted walls.

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