How to Make Your House Summer Ready


Summer, the happiest season of the year, is very close and we all want to be prepared to enjoy the long days, the sun and the heat. To spend a sensational summer, we not only have to adapt to the new weather conditions, but we also have to prepare the house so that it is well conditioned so that we can enjoy it to the fullest.

The renovation of the home during the summer is very important and not only for aesthetic reasons but because we must bear in mind that when a season changes the atmospheric conditions are not the same. What we had at home for winter or spring probably won’t work for us in summer because they accumulate more dust, make the house less pleasant and don’t help with ventilation, among other reasons.

Likewise, the change of season is a good reason to make a total transformation in the appearance of our homes and prepare ourselves for a new stage that begins, whether it is painting the walls, organizing the furniture in another way, putting other curtains or adding a new accessory or furniture; In short, there are thousands of things that we can do to renovate the house in summer.

In this article we will give you 6 tips that will help you prepare your home for this hot season . Simple, but very useful tips that will give your home a new air so that it looks summery and start this new period of the year on the right foot and with the best disposition. Have fun.


In this season of the year take the opportunity to do a general cleaning of the house, and a good way to start is by opening the curtains and allowing light and air to enter. If possible, open all the windows to create cross ventilation and clear the air inside the home; then, grab a good duster and all the necessary utensils so you can start cleaning in depth.


Change all the textiles you have at home and replace them with lighter ones and happier colours, which give the home more clarity and favor ventilation. Leave everything that is made of wool or very plush and that only makes you accumulate dust


One of the things that Feng Shui highlights the most, when it comes to organizing the home, is to get rid of all those that we do not use and that no longer serve, this will help us maintain harmony and balance within the house, since among the good energy. If what you want to take out of your home is still in good condition, don’t throw it away, give it to someone who may need it. After removing everything that is not useful, clean all the corners so that the chi flows and the environment will be perceived as lighter.


During the summer it is logical that you want to spend more time in the outdoor areas of your house and enjoy the terrace, garden or pool to the fullest, and for this reason you should prepare these areas and fit them out with accessories that can be very useful. . Things like pergolas, awnings and light chairs, among others, will be great allies in outdoor areas during the summer.


The bedroom is also an important area of ​​the house that you must prepare for the summer. The first thing you have to do here is take out all the bedding you had from last season, and then turn the mattress; Later, you should proceed to do a deep cleaning and fill the room with cheerful and light colors. Also, put new bedding that is made of soft and fresh fabric and place curtains that allow light to enter the place, but in a way that does not bother you and overheat the space.


The bathroom is also a relevant area of ​​the house and needs renovation during the summer; therefore, change the color of the walls, renew the towels and shower curtains and put new accessories that make you feel summer in this area.


With the arrival of the heat our plants are ready to shine and give us the best of themselves, but for this to happen we must prepare them and help them to have the strength to sprout. With the heat it is very easy for the proliferation of pests and insects that can be harmful to the vegetation. To prevent this, it is important to use different products that prevent the appearance of these insects. We recommend you look for natural products available on the market as they are less harmful to your family and the life of your plants. Apply according to what the manufacturer says and enjoy a green summer right on your terrace.

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