How to keep your Quartz Worktops Beautiful and Functional in the Long Run?


Undoubtedly, using quartz worktops while planning a beautiful and elegant kitchen renovation is a brilliant idea. These stunning stones have the capability to turn a dreary kitchen into a great one. The availability of these stones in different styles, patterns and colours make them worth buying.  But, often people seems to be worried regarding the maintenance of these worktops. If you are in the similar dilemma, then here is the solution to your problem. Here is complete guide for how to keep your worktops new for long.

Daily Cleaning:

It is a definite thing you need to do. It is important for your kitchen hygiene and worktop care. But, this never you need to be very harsh on your counters. For daily washing, all you need to do is clean the surfaces with a damp cloth. Make sure you keep it dry off water and soap residues. In addition, if you want to make them shinier, you can use a good and natural liquid all-purpose cleaner. But, make sure you don’t use excess of cleaner, else it can ruin its sheen.

Cleaning Kitchen Quartz Worktops

Say ‘No’ to Abrasive Detergents:

Selecting a cleaner for the shiny quartz worktops is not an easy task. While you are choosing one for your kitchen, remember:

Abrasive Detergents on Worktops

  • First and foremost prevent your surfaces from the harmful cleaners containing bleach. You should always follow the cleaner manufacturer’s instructions completely while using the cleaning, handling and storing the cleaning solution.
  • Secondly, don’t expose these worktops to any alkaline solutions. If you are using the cleaners, like oven cleaner, which have high pH level, stop doing so.
  • Along this, using any strong chemicals and solvents, just like the paint removers or furniture strippers are not recommended for your quartz surfaces. They contain chemicals such as trichlorethane and methylene chloride, which are health hazardous.

No Extra Sealants: 

One of the biggest advantage of quartz worktop is that they are non-porous. Thus, you don’t need sealants or waxes for it. Just proper cleaning is enough to keeps it lustrous and ultra-smooth with proper cleaning. Make sure you keep it as dry as possible.

Keep Dry Worktops


It is one of the major problem homemakers face with worktops. You cannot avoid them, but yes, you can remove them. Firstly, try with water and damp cloth. If it dries off and is hard to remove with water, like of gum, grease, nail polish or paint etc. Use a plastic scraper to remove the residue material gently. You can use a vinegar or water based solution or a non-abrasive liquid household cleaner and rinse it thoroughly with clean water. Later, the surface should be dry it with a clean cloth.

Care and Maintenance of Worktops

The best thing about quartz is its stunning features such as durability, high performance and low-absorbent surface, which proves them to be a perfect choice your kitchen space. With few care tips you can make it work longer easily! 


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