How to Increase Safety Of Your Garage Floor?

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Wet weather have its own charm but it also brings along risk of slipping and sliding on the roads, sidewalks, driveways, and even on garage floors which can prove to be hazardous. The floor of the garage can turn slippery when a car is brought in from outside because when it sits snow, ice, and water drips and gather in puddles.


The following blog provides solutions to safeguard against various risks due to wet garage., The following are few basic tips to make your garage safer during the wet season.

Regular Clean-Up

You should make sure your garage floor is cleaned on timely basis. Use a broom to sweep all the dirt, sand, metal grit, sawdust, and wood shavings which can otherwise enhance slipperiness when combined with a smooth concrete floor.

The walking space should be deprived of any clutter and electrical cords to avoid any hazards.

Rugs Can Be A Temporary Solution

You can buy a variety of rugs and mats on reasonable rates and put them over the garage floors as a temporary solution. But you will need to keep a check over their maintenance else they can turn out to be hazardous.

Rubber drainage mats are an expensive but good choice.

Taping Can Increase Friction

Friction tape with grit particle bonded to its surface can reduce the slipperiness of the garage floor. You need to clean the floor properly before putting the tape. You may even need to apply a coat of concrete primer after applying the tape. You can use a 700 series tape for better durability.

Also make sure you cover the whole area with tape because slips often happen while transition from the taped area to an untapped area.

Paint The Floor With Gritty Mixture

You can also paint the floor with a gritty mixture. There are number of ways to do this. You can add texture while getting the concrete surface installed. While the flooring is poured, a broom can be used to add texture before it goes dry.

A plastic grit is also a good option for covering the concrete coating.

For further guidance on suitable flooring for your garage, you can consult a local handyman.

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