How To Cut-Down High A/C Bills?


Air conditioners, microwave oven, geysers etc are some of the biggest utility bill offenders. Therefore, it is very important to make our homes energy efficient to not only enjoy the comforts but also save those extra bucks spend on giving the bills.


The following are some of the ways by which you can convert your home into an energy-efficient one and also cut down bills.

Proper Installation Is Must

Insulation is important as it will help in effective cooling by your a/c by not letting hot air enter in and cool air leaving the space. Window units are easier to install and remove during cool months whereas in-wall units are larger but still can be removed and the hole in the wall can be sealed during the off-season.

Regular Maintenance Can Increase Efficiency

The easiest way for increasing efficiency of HVAC unit is to ensure the filters are replaced regularly. Most units are manufactured with disposable air filters that need to be changed once in a month even if they are working properly. Make sure you get your unit checked and cleaned by a heating and air conditioning specialist every year. This will maximize efficiency and also save money.

Get A Digital Thermostat

Central air conditioning units are normally controlled by a thermostat which is mounted on a wall. You can get replaced your old thermostat with a digital version which allows you to shut down or decrease cooling after retiring in the evening and turn on before you get up. They are smart devices which can be programmed to reduce its functioning when not at home and turn it on while you are returning home. Some of them are even Wi-Fi enabled that can be controlled through phone or computer.

Install Energy Efficient Window Film

Using energy efficient film on the glass can significantly reduce heat transfer. Moreover, they are easy-to-install and can be cut as per the size of the window and attached by static-cling.

Some manufacturers even claim that these films are effective enough to reduce sun’s heat by 70% which is directly going to reduce summer cooling costs.

Insulate With Rubber Window Gaskets

Since most of the heat and cold transfer takes place through the windows, therefore, the best way to cut this heat and cold loss is by replacing old windows with new energy efficient windows. Since this is going to cost you heavily so a professional advice can be of great help. Using Rubber gaskets is an economical way to insulate windows. The less complicated is to use a rolled insulating material with an adhesive backing, which can be applied by pressing it around the window.

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