How to Choose the Right High Security Lock All by Yourself!


Security products are designed to protect you, but like the seat belts in a car, they can help you only if you use them. High Security locks are designed with patented keys to give you the highest level of protection possible. Relying just on the alarm is a common mistake that most homeowners make. The alarm notifies the authorities only after the crime is done and gives the burglars ten minutes to flee the scene. A good high security lock can prevent the entry of the burglars in the first place. A good high security lock is one that qualifies the standards laid down by the Underwriters Laboratory.

Let’s make the selection process simple and give you a list of simple guidelines to keep in mind.

The UL (Underwriters Laboratory) Criterion

The experts at UL have laid down these simple rules, for choosing a high security lock –

  • Look out for the UL symbol on the lock and the packing of the lock
  • The working arts of the lock must be made of brass, bronze, steel or any other anti-corrosive material.
  • The outer finish must comply with UL’s Salt Spray test for corrosion.
  • The lock should have at least 100 options for changes  in the key
  • The operations of the lock should be within 1000 complete cycles and at a rate not more than 50 cycles per minute.
  • The lock should be resistant to attacks from hammers, chisels, pliers, electric drills, and all other lock picking tools.

Professional Locksmith NYC

Consult a Professional Locksmith

Security of the home cannot be taken lightly, and if there is any confusion in the mind of the homeowner he should consult a professional. For any queries customers can call a Locksmith Service in Bronx and sort out all the details. An expert is more equipped to come and inspect the property and suggest the best suited safety locks for it. A good locksmith service company can be called in to install the locks at a later stage.

High Security Locks For Doors

Before you decide to change the old key locks to the modern high security ones, it is highly advised to first inspect your doors closely. There is no point in investing in locks, if your doors are hollow or not made of solid wood. A door that can be kicked needs replacement sooner than the lock itself. A good Locksmith in Bronx, will be able to give you a professional opinion on whether you should replace the doors along with the locks or just the latter.

4. Dead bolts for windows and doors

Locksmith Service NYCLocksmith NYC, advise the use of deadbolts in the grade 1 or 2. They are known to be resistant to kicking and use of hammers, drills and saws. There are two kinds available in the market.

  • A single cylinder with a key from the outside only
  • A double cylinder with keys from inside and outside

For doors with panes, the locks with double cylinders are best suited. Be sure to buy locks with a central bolt that extends in to the frame of the door. If you have any doubts consult a locksmith and make this critical selection with extreme precaution.


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