How to Choose the Perfect Kitchen Furniture


We don’t need to tell you that a beautiful and well-organized kitchen is important for every home. When you pick the right furniture for your kitchen, you make your space look more inviting, functional, and comfortable. Kitchens are not an isolated space anymore.

Today’s kitchens utilize an open floor plan and share their spaces with the living room and dining areas. 

Don’t you often spend time with your beloved ones in the kitchen for a hearty chat over coffee or dinner? Kitchens go beyond a place to cook to a sort of social hub, so keeping a gracefully designed kitchen is important now. And your pieces of furniture plays important role in it. 

6 Tips for Choosing the Best Kitchen Cabinets

Keeping this in mind, here is a rundown of some important kitchen furniture tips to follow. 


Whatever the size of our kitchen, our furniture has to have a fundamental function: to provide a comfortable and uncluttered workspace.

To do this, you will have to choose furniture that, due to its characteristics, allows you to store everything you need, but also leave ample and practical space for cooking.

Many times, it is tried to fit absolutely everything in the kitchen, including more and more furniture. Now, what if we have a small kitchen? We will have a serious problem! In these types of situations, it may be a better option to choose only the necessary furniture and opt for other solutions. Without going any further, cutlery and utensils can be stored in the living room, on a sideboard.

In addition to choosing the necessary furniture, we must obviously think about its dimensions. Furniture measurements are usually standard. 


In the same way that it is necessary to have an adequate workspace, the accessibility of each of the elements of our kitchen must also be taken into account.

Thus, and when we refer to the distribution of furniture, one of the most common rules is to follow the work triangle rule, designed so that the movement between the oven, refrigerator, and sink follows a parallel line. The best kitchen layouts, to follow this rule, are in the form of “I” and “L”.

Although the distribution is indeed very important, when it comes to thinking about which kitchen furniture suits us more or less we have to think about their accessibility. What do we mean?

Let’s think, for a moment, about our own stature, are we tall or short? This question, which does not seem to be important, should change our concept about the priority in the upper and lower furniture modules. We must also bear in mind, especially when we are already reaching an age, that bending over can be uncomfortable. In this regard, we must think about choosing kitchen furniture that makes our lives easier.


Depending on the products that you keep in the kitchen, you have different types of furniture at your disposal. In this sense, the combination of furniture will go well with your tastes, of course, but also to your needs.

Thus, for kitchen base units, we can find numerous options. We can choose furniture that is already classic, such as the cabinet under the sink, ideal for storing cleaning products, or the low module and its many varieties, such as pots, drawers, or folding storage.

For tall furniture, we can have a greater variety, since, in addition to the tall modules, we can incorporate other furniture such as shelves or wall cabinets into our kitchen.

Depending on the length of your workspace, we can also incorporate other types of furniture, such as kitchen columns, ideal for those spaces that can be left free in the corners, or sideboards, as long as they do not limit the workspace.


Natural wood has always been a top choice for kitchen cabinets. Mahogany, oak, and walnut are used to build sophisticated kitchen furniture. Engineered wood is preferred for its affordability, although it is not as durable as the natural options. You can also choose veneered wood. Bar stools, chairs, and breakfast tables made of wrought iron, cast aluminum, or a combination of wood and metal look elegant. Glass top tables also look elegant. To create a trendy interior, you can bring in transparent acrylic furniture. Molded plastic sets are chosen for their lightweight and portability. 


From the piousness of white to the rustic warmth of wood, there is a lot of options to choose from. White is a common color for kitchen furniture, for it almost unleashes a neat look. However, you can decide on a color scheme and choose furniture accordingly.

If you are walls have bright hues or decorated with colorful tiles, prefer subtle tones for furniture. Choose a tone to make the space look more inviting in case you have understated walls and ceilings. 

Wrapping Up…

As you can see, you have a multitude of options when it comes to kitchen furniture and there is no single right choice. Therefore, the best thing you can do is contact kitchen furniture and cabinets experts such as HAYS –NYC, experts, to make the perfect decision and, thus, get the kitchen of your dreams. At HAYS-NYC, we execute dozens of kitchen remodeling projects each month. Call us at 212-222-2770 today if you’d like to discuss how you can upgrade an old kitchen or some parts of it.

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