How To Check Whether Your New Home Is SAFE?


Shifting to your new house sounds quite exciting and of course it is. But since you are totally new to the place, there are certain things that can ruin your excitement if not given proper attention. One of the most important issues is security which needs immediate attention before you shift to a new place.

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So, the following blog includes few basic tips to make sure your home is safe enough to guard you against any sort of danger.

All these points should be followed before you have shifted to the new place. But in case you have already shifted then also they will help you to keep a check over your safety.

The Yard

Most intruders target yard for breaking in the house. Therefore, inspect the yard properly.

  • If there are trees that are too high and close to the home, then they are an easy way to get into higher floors of your place.
  • Also check if your area has any past records of floods or recent fires due to extremely high temperatures.
  • Also check if there is sufficient natural lighting that reaches the yard else arrange for an artificial source of light especially for the night.

The House

Before you enter the house, check whether the doors are made of solid wood or metal, are not too old or overused. The front door can become an easy target by the intruder if it is not in proper shape.

  • There should be no windows beside the door as it can make easy for the intruder to break in.
  • Windows and doors are the possible entry points for intruders. Therefore, check whether they have a reliable locking system or not.
  • Don’t go careless with the locking system. It is must to ensure it works properly and is not out of service.

Get a Security System

  • A security system makes your home less vulnerable to burglaries and losses due to it. Therefore, it is must to get one for your place.
  • Surveillance cameras will help to keep a check over all the corners of your house especially when you are away.
  • There are security systems through which you can control your house locks while you are away. Thus, you don’t have to fear about your keys getting lost and misused.
  • Alarm is the best way to make you immediately alert towards an intruder. This will help to safeguard your home and family.

For better advice and installation of a secure locking system at your place, consult a local locksmith.

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