Exterior Home Painting: The Do’s And Don’ts For Selecting The Paint Color


Often it is said that, the walls of your house says it all about you and your family. Yes, the exterior of your home explain a lot about the interiors too. Hence, you can never compromise with the outer appearance of your home. And definitely, it’s the paint which makes a huge difference.


There is a wide range of paint colors available and this has surely made things difficult for the homemakers. It is now hard to decide which one will suit your home. Have a sneak peek at some of the essential dos and don’ts, which would help you to find a perfect hue:

The Dos

  • Be Unique: Often homeowners don’t try with new colors just because they think that a unique color scheme would cost them more. However, this is not true. Hence, this time employ a little more imagination to the selection process and don’t stress for the heavy expenses on your wallet. Going beyond neutral shades will be a great deal.
  • Consider The Previous Paint: The existing color on the exterior walls need to be considered while choosing the new paint. Along this, you must check for a cohesive color scheme before you finalize things.
  • Accent: Surely, you want to add character and charm to the exteriors. For this, not only walls but also your window trim and architectural details need to look beautiful. Try some contrasting accent for these parts.

The Don’ts

  • Misplace The Accent: Starting with the last ‘do’, accenting is great but only when done ideally. This means it needs to be done to highlight the more attractive elements of your home. So, strictly avoid drawing attention to those air conditioning units, unevenly placed windows o r gutters.
  • Copying: Well, it is good to consider the neighborhood, but it’s usually a bad idea to copy or pick colors that clash with the neighbors’ exterior. Be creative and choose paint which makes you stand out in an unobtrusive way!

If you are not sure, how the color will work for your exterior, you can always go for testing. Take professional help or do it yourself, but confirming in advance is highly recommended.

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