Easy ways to create a Bedroom that grows with your child!


With the growth of your child, changes his choice. So, when it comes to his bedroom, you cannot keep things constant. It needs to be revamped from a small nursery to a big child’s room, and then to a teenager’s room. Check how you can simplify your work.

Being a parent is undoubtedly the world’s best feeling. From the day, you get the news of your child’s arrival, you start with great plans, including his name, attires, toys and even, his room. Designing the perfect bedroom for your little baby seems to be a great fun and rewarding experience.  But, here it is important to understand that their choices don’t remain same for a long time. Their personal tastes alters with their growing age. And, this is perfectly fine.

Growth of your child

However, things get messy when it comes to decorating their rooms. Your child expects you to provide a room of their dreams.  But, constantly updating their living space turns to be an exhausting and expensive process. So, here are some brilliant ideas, which save your time and money, both. Find out;

Solid basics– A good start!

You can initiate with investing in good furniture basics. Go for the classic and comfortable options, which can easily withstand the inevitable wear and tear. If the rooms allows, there is no reason to stay small in scale. For example, if the space can hold a full-sized bed, don’t bring those twin bed steps.

You can always keep an option trim or re-design the elements to update their room’s look. You can try painting or detailing later, and make their space grow with them!

bedroom that grows with your child!

Storage – different solution for different needs

One thing you need to remember is that with his growing age, will also grow his storage needs. For many parents, it’s a real challenge to get the right storage solution for their children. Thus, you can choose a mix of open and closed storage. The closed storage can be used to keep the tiny items, which create a visual clutter. On the other hand, open storage is ideal to display all those beautiful and colorful toys. Just make sure that the solutions are of adequate height so that things are within the reach of your child.

Accessories- It needs to vary

Your child’s bedroom should reflect his personality. And, for this you cannot skip adding his favorite accessories. You can rely on hunting thrift shops and some craft stores for getting the best things for his room. You can also fabricate some stuff for them, which clearly reflects your love and care for them. Decorate their headboards, curtains and drawer pulls, in the way they like it most. Remember, you can always change them with time!

Painting- Move ahead of the pastel pink or blue


Now, it’s high time to think beyond these classic colors. There are so many colors you can add to their bedroom. Choose a more sophisticated palette or pick a neat and tidy neutral color, which goes well with the bedding and other accessories. As they grow up, you can make easy changes according to their taste.

It is also advisable to involve them in the selection process for better results. So, you can easily incorporate your ideas along, and bring them the best space to grow up!

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