DIY Solar: The Hidden Dangers and Need for a Licensed Installer!


Having a solar system is something every homeowner counts on in today’s world. Everyone wishes to help the  environment, and employing solar panels seems like a simple and effective way. Accordingly, the DIY solar industry is in full swing these days. There is no shortage of ready-to-assemble kits. One can easily buy these affordably-priced solar kits at any local hardware stores.

The Hidden Dangers and Need for a Licensed InstallerLower cost is probably the biggest lure of these inexpensive photovoltaic (PV) panels for homeowners.  However, they underestimate the value of hiring a professional to install their system. Is DIY solar really a cheaper option? The answer is “no,”  if you look at some of the hidden costs . . .

Zero Grid-Connectivity:

The biggest drawback of a DIY home solar kit is you can’t connect your system with your utility network grid. Because of the electrical risks, only licensed professionals are capable of connecting to your PV panels. Hence, if you are looking for 24/7 uninterrupted power, you will have to invest in expensive on-site solar batteries.  Those add to the total cost of your DIY solar system. Moreover, DIY installation doesn’t qualify for many of the most lucrative solar incentives. Again, you need licensed contractors to handle the installation efficiently, especially the grid connection.

Low Resale Value and Lost Time:

Everyone agrees that installing solar panels enhances the resale value of your home or business. You actually profit two ways:

  • While living in your home, you can save money on energy from the solar system.
  • Then you make more money from solar once you decide to sell your property.

According to a report of the US Department of Energy, solar-enabled homes are likely to sell up to twice as quickly as their non-solar counterparts. Once again, the faster the sale, you quicker you turn the profit, and the quicker you have the proceeds at your disposal.

These financial benefits come only with the professionally-installed systems. If you have installed the panels yourself, the appraisers and buyers will devalue the quality of your workmanship.

DIY Competes Only in Price:

When it comes to quality, DIY  home solar kits are lacking. They might compete in price, but their components aren’t good enough. Worse still, DIY solar kits usually aren’t usually customizable. That means you will get the one-size-fits-all system, and there is no way out to improve the energy potential. On the other hand, professional installations compete on the basis of quality. Having more expensive components, they provide output that is much higher and lasts much longer.

DIY Solar Is Actually More Expensive and More Dangerous:

DIY solar is not the money-saver that many people think it is. It’s true that you save on labor and other “soft costs.” But you forfeit property value increases and decades of lucrative incentives. Repairs, maintenance, storage, and monitoring are also your responsibility.

Any way you look at it, choosing a professional solar installer in New York will help you reduce your liability and move ahead financially. Choose professional installation, and keep your mind at peace!

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