DIY MAKE A BRAIDED T-SHIRT RUG: Crochet Rug from Repurposed T-shirts


You might have seen a lot of crocheted and woven or braided rugs on the net, but the best part about the internet is, it also gives you ways to get the product on your own. When it comes to a Crochet Rug, it seems difficult to achieve the perfect result, but the matter of fact is it is pretty easy to make one. There are no fancy instructions needed to get one.  One Dog Woof is one of the blogging sites which came up with a simple DIY. Here are the steps to get a Crochet Rug:

Crochet Rug


Step I-Acquire Fabrics: You need to get cotton t-shirts, XXL men sizes are ideal to get the most of it. Try to get t-shirts which are 100% cotton and have very little or no prints on them.

Step-II-Create you’re Yarn: There is a bundle of t-shirt yarn tutorial on the net, go through the videos and get a hold on one which finds you simple and apt. cut the shirt below the arm line and below any print.

  • Fold the t-shirt from one side to the other side but leave it about 1 inch short from actually meeting ends- this is your 1-inch allowance
  • Now cut the t-shirt into 1.5-inch strips, avoiding the 1-inch allowance.
  • Thicker strips will give you thicker yarn.
  • Thinner strips give you thinner yarn.  Don’t cut too thin, or the yarn won’t form.
  • Open up the shirt to see your 1-inch allowance.  Cut starting from the hem, on a slant, from 1 strip to the next across the allowance – this connects all the strips together.

The basic objective is to get a continuous strip from the bottom hem up to the armpit. You will be removing the hem before cutting or else it won’t curl up. Once the cutting is done, and you have this big strip, stretch the strip and allow the knit in the t-shirt to curl on it. This will end up getting a yarn.


Step III- Balling the Yarn: You will need to ball the yarn. It is actually important and no matter how much in hurry you are, if you want a smooth kneeing experience.













Step IV-The Design:

  • Start with 6 SC in the first round and double it to 12 in the second round and slowly keep on increasing by the multiples of 6.
  • 1st round: 6 SC
  • 2nd round: 2 SC in each stitch (12 stitches)
  • 3rd round: *1 SC in next stitch, 2 SC in next stitch, repeat from * (18 stitches)
  • 4th round: * 1 SC in next 2 stitches, 2 SC in next stitch, repeat from * (24 stitches) and so on.














Soon you will end up with such a beautiful Crochet Rug made up of T-shirts. Try it at home and tell us about your experience along the photos. Making things on your own has a different satisfaction. Create things and fill innovations to your home.

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