DIY – How to hang Mirrors and Pictures on the Walls?


The easiest and most economical method to spruce up a wall or a room is to hang a picture, mirror or some other artwork. It can effortlessly make a huge room look smaller and vice versa. A mirror hanging in the corridor or the aisle can change the complete look of the space.

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A carefully chosen picture can shift the focus of the room and give you freedom to highlight the room furniture. Pictures or artwork can also draw attention away from any neutral corners in the room. Once the home owner starts imagining, the possibilities are endless.

1. Finding the right position and leveling

The position that is chosen to hang a picture or a mirror will determine how well they go with each other. Before the picture is actually hung, it is advisable to hang a piece of card or paper of the size of the picture. Try taping it to the wall to get a fair idea before actually banging in any nails. Art installers in NYC too try out such techniques to avoid misplaced alignments.

2. Hanging pictures

As someone in your family to hold the picture or mirror at the position chosen for hanging. Adjust the position ensuring that the glare factor is at its least and the picture is not looking towards one side. It is a good idea to use the spirit level, to ensure that the level of the mirror or picture is correct.

  • Mark the top most corners of the picture against the wall.
  • Now find the halfway point between the two marks
  • Identify that exact location

3. Get the picture ready

After the point from where the picture is to be hung is located, turn it over. Take a decision on whether it needs to be hung with string or wire.

  • Make a note of the distance between the top of the picture and measure the string accordingly.
  • Now measure the string with the distance marked on the wall
  • Now clearly mark the centre with a small x.
  • For light pictures, go for a hook and a nail; for heavier ones, hook set is recommended.

4. Using a hook set

Place the hook next to the x and make a mark at the point where the eye of the hook touches the wall. This is the location for drilling a hole in the wall.

  • Drill a hole in the wall
  • Now push a plug that matches with the bit that you are using into the hole
  • Lightly tap with a hammer to ensure that is set
  • Screw the hook into the plug

Remember that drilling should never be done above or below light switches or plug sockets. Heavy pictures should only be hung with a wire and not a string.

If you are unsure of how to go about such tasks, call in a professional art installation service in NYC.

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