DIY Home Shelving: Ideas for Smart Storage


Storage space can always be an issue if you are living in a compact accommodation, and there remain little if any chances of more space creation. The best you can do in that case is to go straight down with storage!

Perhaps you can’t think of something better than handmade shelving to maximize storage within the jam-packed space that you have. The real advantage with this choice is that the options that it offers to add some extra storage space to your place are both tested and trendy!

Following are some in-fashion wall shelving ideas for smart storage:

Do-it-yourself Minty Gold Shelves

The idea is to have a healthy start by giving your existing shelves a funky lift by painting and striping them. Here, the colors to combine are gold, white and minty green. Pick a fun design, place it well on the shelves and give your plain, boring shelving area a new look with quite a nominal effort!

Gold Shelves

Threaded-rope Shelves

Even though the design is fairly small, the idea is actually innovative and affordable. Once you start making one, you realize that it is really simple and doable. As a plus, the structural soundness of these shelves and the way they hang is simply matchless! And if you think you have this much space, you can also try to create a similar structure with slightly larger shelves.


Modern Pegboard Shelving

This one is probably one of the most sober and elegant shelving systems as far as DIY shelving designs that can help create more space are concerned. Though this modern pegboard shelving system displays heights of simplicity, yet it’s pretty enough to hold your gaze. Besides, it is easy to make and can be configured in a variety of different elegant ways!

Modern Shelving

Wooden Honeycomb Shelves

A true example of creativity, this shelving system is fully made of reclaimed wood. Dark and light tones of sober green and blue shades best complement the painted cabinets used to arrange the shelf. You can pick up some pieces of wood from a renovation spot and make the final design visually fascinating by preparing balanced color tones!

Wooden Shelves

Industrial Media Shelving

Another classy design that delivers its best while offering maximum storage and maintaining aesthetics at the same time. If you think it can get bumped from the side that faces a high-traffic area, consider drilling the back of some boards to create a hole. This will allow the screw head to stable any waggle that might occur!

Media Shelving

 Plumbing Pipe Shelf

This is a strong and spacious wall-size storage unit that is simply impressive. One of many advantages is direct accessibility to any material that is kept anywhere on it. The sturdiness of plumbing pipes makes it a true DIY work of art.

Plumbing shelf

Finally, Books as Shelves!

This is like using stored books to store things that would otherwise create a mess within your home. This allows you to dust the books used as shelves on daily basis and you’re your purpose of more storage served as well!

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