DIY Home Improvement Hacks That You Will Love


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Hack also means “a strategy or technique for managing one’s time or activities more efficiently.”

Simply put, it is a resourceful way to do things easily for saving time and money.

And there are many DIY home improvement hacks that will make your all tasks easier and mess-free.

Here we have rounded up such amazing DIY home improvement hacks you will enjoy.

Building a Ball Tower with Bungee Ropes:

If your kids are like most kids, they have developed a love for balls. So they are likely to hoard them over time. However, as a parent, it is problematic to store those balls. It is not easy to manage those large piles. Why not use bungee cords for making a rack for balls?

All you need to drill holes through wooden shelves on top and bottom to pass through a bungee rope several times from one end to another end of both shelves. The bungee will keep the balls in place.

Cut Out Old Glove Fingers to Protect the Tips of Chisels or Sharp Tools:

You have worn out gloves? Don’t throw them away. Cut their fingers off and cover the tips of chisels or other sharp tools.

Use Old Shoes as Ladder Bumpers:

You must have heard about ladder shoes. They are rubber slip-resistant pads designed for ladders’ top end. It not only prevents them from slipping but also protects your siding or walls from their sharp edges.

What if your ladders wear your shoes?

Yeah, you can make DIY ladder bumpers from your old sneakers. All you need to secure them to the end of the ladders using duct tape. Make sure to keep the out-sole part (bottom of the shoe) towards the wall. It will look as if your ladder is on the rest mode keeping its foot on the wall.

Use Pieces of Garden Hose to Soften the Jaws of Pliers:

Sometimes, the “harsh” grip of your pliers can damage comparatively “soft” metal stuff like a shower-head. In this scenario, cover the jaws of pliers or slip-joint with the pieces of garden hose or other tubing.

Pool Noodle for Wrist Rest:

You can use pool noodle for making wrist rest while typing. It is easy to use. Just mark the noodle where you want to make the cuts; then slice the noodle lengthwise using a utility knife. Pull the pieces apart, and keep one piece flat-side-down in front of your keyboard.

Line in Paint Tin with an Elastic Band:

A simple elastic band is all you require to get a ledge on which you shake off excess paint from your paintbrush. All you need to stretch a large band over the bottom and top of the open tin. It will let you glide your paintbrush over it after each dip. This way, you can avoid the excess of paint from running off the brush.

Stick On Magnet to Keep Screws Handy While Hammering:

Putting those screws in the mouth is an old age practice. But that can be risky as the screws are dirty plus there is a risk of “accidental swallowing”.

Here is a simple DIY hack. Attach a stick on the magnet to the base of your hammer handle. It will keep the screws so that you can grab them when required.

So these are some easy DIY home improvement hacks that will simplify your project. Want to share more home improvement ideas with us? Let us know by commenting below!

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