DIY Garage Door Repair: Common Problems and How to Fix Them


imagesA garage door is generally very heavy and as a result goes through a lot of wear and tear. Most of the common problems can be fixed yourself without calling in a professional. A garage door is used very often and the moments you notice something unusual try and fix it right away. A smaller problem can lead to a bigger complication if not rectified on time.

Most professional garage door service companies advise a thorough inspection by a professional once every six months to ensure proper working and durability of a garage door. Let’s take a look at the common five problems that you might face and their easy do it yourself solutions.

1. The Door to The Garage Does Not Open Or Close

A sticking garage door can happen due to more reasons than one. First of all check the batteries in your remote. Then ensure that nothing is blocking the sensor and make sure that the switch is working. Now check the wheel track for an obstruction and see if it properly lubricated. If it seems less get a good quality lubricant and apply it generously. Over a period of time the door may hang unevenly, check that all the springs and cables are evenly holding the door.

2. The Movement Of The Door Is Uneven

The obvious reason for a door to shimmy from one side to the other is an obstruction in its path. Remove all debris from the path of the wheels. If the problem is not rectified, then check the tensile strength of the springs. They all should be of the same length and stretch evenly. For automatic doors, the motor may have become faulty and need replacement.

3. The Door Is Making Noises during Closing and Opening

Loud screeching noises are a clear indication of a problem that has been ignored for long and is now demanding immediate attention. The tracks need cleaning and removal of all dirt and lubrication with a good product. You can use garage oil specially formulated for door tracks. After the oiling and lubrication run the door a few times to check if the problem has been rectified.

Meanwhile, you can read a helpful guide on garage door installation which was written by me.

4. Door Closes Too Quickly At the Time Of Lowering

A falling garage door can injure the occupants of a family at the time of closing or opening. This usually happens when one or more cables have broken or the springs have become very loose. Close the door and examine it closely to identify the root cause. Do not under any circumstance attempt to replace the springs or cables on your own.

5. Remote Control Does Not Seem To Work

If you have just replaced the batteries of the remote and the door is still not closing and opening properly, then the problem lies elsewhere. You need to check the cables and the springs and ensure that the track is clean. Also ensure that the motor is in good working condition and the sensors are working.

Author Bio: Oren Linder is author and founder of ASAP Garage Door Services Inc. We are a team of expert technicians who provide quality garage door repair service in NJ Area


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