DIY: Creative Ideas for Stretch Ceilings


Modern ceiling technology, the stretch ceilings offers a golden opportunity to interior designers and also homeowners to step into the world of imagination. Superior quality, safe, practical and unbelievably economical suspended ceiling solution; stretched ceilings provide a wide range of applications such as replacement or installation of whole new ceilings.


The benefits offered by stretched ceilings in NYC are many as they are virtually maintenance free, do not endure condensation and never crack, peel or flake. So let’s take a look at some of the most intriguing ideas for stretch ceiling designs.

1. Availability of Printed Designs

Unlike traditional false ceiling options, there are varieties of prints available in stretch ceilings. It is the ability to print on the stretch ceilings that allows the designers to explore their creative side and come up with the unbelievable murals printed on a living room ceiling or beautifully swaying clouds overhead in the kids’ room.

The printed design options on stretch ceilings provide unlimited options to compliment the décor of any living space in a house.

2. Variety of Textures and Colors

Stretch ceilings are available in a variety of textures and colors, which is why these ceilings are used to create a specific feel for a room to seamlessly blend with an already established theme. Metallic, matte, lacquer and translucent are the common textures available for stretched ceilings.

As for the colors, stretch ceilings are available in innumerable color options suitable for any interior. In addition, the stretch ceilings can also be effectively used for creating 3D ceiling shapes in NYC.

3. Suitable For Any Shape

Unlike traditional false ceiling designs, stretch ceilings can be molded into a variety of shapes and forms. Whether you need a dome shape, light diffusers or arches you can have your stretch ceiling effortlessly put into any desired form. Owing to their ability to confirm to any shape, these ceilings can even be used for creating abstract or other designs onto the ceilings.

In addition to the shape, you can combine several colors of various stretch ceiling panels to be used together to form a unique design.

4. Maximizing Design and Accentuating Spaces

Stretch ceiling designs do not have a complex layer structure. With their smooth satin or matte finish, they can creatively provide a neat and exquisite finish to any interior. In fact, proper use of its shape and texture can help in visually expanding the living space while transforming the layout and camouflaging any interior designing defects.

Whatever was lacking in traditional ceilings like style, colors, and textures, is nicely incorporated into the stretch ceilings. You can make the rooms look bigger or add warmth to otherwise dull rooms, make the space more playful and also regulate ventilation.

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