DIY: Color Selection for Kitchen Cabinets & Counters


Cabinets and countertops are certainly the most important elements of your kitchen space. Durable and classy cabinets and countertops that go well with the existing décor of your dwelling are easy to find if you know some basics.


While handyman services in NYC can always help you with installation of kitchen cabinets and worktops, it is usually up to you to decide on the color. Read ahead for a short guide.

Selection of appropriate material

In general terms, the selection of material for cabinets and countertops is largely reliant to your elected kitchen style. However, ensure that the preferred sheets for cabinets blend well with the countertops (even if you’ve got granite/quartz worktops and are looking to choose steel/wooden cabinets).

Metal tops can be a smart idea if the kitchen has stone flooring with wooden cabinets. In addition, laminated cabinets come in a wide range of natural materials like wood and stone. Therefore, you can blend the assortment shoring up with one selection base.

Hays NYC recommend natural materials that foretaste native states and have a raw stroke in them. However, laminated combinations go well when you want to add variety in finish and color schemes.

Harmonize the selection with suitable lighting

Suitable lighting is a decisive element when ensuring appropriate color selection for kitchen cabinets and countertops. Yet, the basic factor with light selection is the hub of your kitchen space. This primarily depends upon the chosen kitchen blueprint.

If you want to highlight the countertop, you can install a hanging light medley, for example.

On the other hand, if you wish to draw attention to wall cabinets, track lights are a better alternative.

In a kitchen space with center light, selections can get somewhat special. Keep the countertops light colored and the cabinets, fairly dark. Never keep the intended color scheme to a specific area but fuse them with contrasting ends.

Balancing splash materials and flooring

Selection of an appropriate splash material is nearly compulsory because countertops fabricate backsplash when illuminated. The assessment is largely dependent on the focus you want in kitchen area.

In wider spaces, color schemes for cabinet should go with the backsplash shade; cabinets are more noticeable than countertops in wider spaces. In smaller spaces, however, countertops do have certain ascendancy with appearance.

Flooring is one essential component for right color selection for cabinets and countertops. Complement the color with flooring material, if possible.

For a contemporary design, however, you can contrast the color scheme to make the cabinets and countertops more highlighted.

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