DIY: Activity ideas for kid-friendly New Year’s Eve


Santa just waved goodbye to all of us with loads of goodie and happiness, and we are all set to celebrate the holiday season with our family & friends. This is the time when we sit together, celebrate great time and bid goodbye to the year just gone by, welcoming New Year with new resolutions and plans. And preparation for the New Year Eve starts from the very beginning of the month, as this is the last chance to celebrate the year that taught us new things and brought us bitter sweet memories.

So this is the time when you ar going to host members of all age groups and things need to be managed accordingly in order to ward off monotony. And most importantly, planning for celebration has to be planned so that it caters to everyone. Children are the most important part of the event so the itinerary needs to be kids-oriented. If no brilliant idea is striking you mind, then here are few activity suggestions that you can engage your kids in while a small get-together takes place at your home.

Creating a family time capsule:

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Main motive behind celebrating the Eve under one roof is to hold your family together and make relationship bonds even stronger. So this is the best time to collect your best memories of the year and preserve them in a family time capsule. So you can guide your kids through making a family time capsule that will be a real fun opening after many years in the future. You can make one for celebrating and reminding a special day or event of your life.

Homemade crackers:

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Crackers are a New Year’s Eve tradition, but you can direct your kids to go out of the conventional way of buying them from market and guide them how to make them at home with household items like empty toilet rolls. What all you need is cut the roll in half and put both halves together and gill them with small toys and candy. Wrap the entire package nicely in colors paper and tie ends with curling ribbon. You can also customize them the way you wish to.

Making family New Year’s resolutions:


New Year gives us a chance to start things afresh at home or outside. So, this is your chance to initiate things you have been thinking for so long. Try list resolutions that you want to achieve in the coming months. This doesn’t mean you list things that are unattainable, because that will fetch you nothing but frustration. So try and be as realistic as possible. Try to list things that you actually want to incorporate in your daily routine to strengthen your family bond and help achieve your personal goals set for the coming year.

Game night for family and friends:


Doing some physical activity in form of indoor games or dance is always a great idea. Recreational activity gives everyone a break from routine and a chance to interact with each other. This might be the right time to clean the dust off your old tabletop games and share laughter and happiness with your family and friends over a board game. A family movie could be another great idea to curl beside each other and enjoy the show.

Community service:

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Community service is a great way to work together for a noble cause. Volunteering at a retirement home or donating food and clothes to homeless are some great ways to do social service.

Fitness regime ideas:


Your day starts and ends with your family. So you need to stay well in order to keep your relations healthy. Plan a fitness regime. You don’t have to go for a hard-core fitness regime; you can start with a morning walk or jogging in the morning and a short brisk walk after dinner in the closest park.

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