Common Water Pipe Problems and How to Fix Them


Bad Smell? Blocked Drain? Low Water Flow?

Here we have outlined some common problems you are likely to face in your water pipes along with the solution.

Blockage In The Drain:

Commonly, all the water elements that you have in your bathrooms or kitchens will have a drain. It is a piece that collects the water and channels it through the pipes that also has a siphon (an element responsible for avoiding bad odors and not letting any type of solid mass pass into the pipes).

How to solve it?

Generally, any blockage in the drain can be resolved with a screwdriver, removing the cover and cleaning the area to remove anything that may obstruct the proper flow of water. In case it is a bit more complicated, you can also disassemble the complete piece and apply homemade solutions such as water with baking soda and vinegar.

Bad Smell:

This is a very common problem that is usually due to the bad habit of disposing of waste through the drains, most often in sinks with food remains. If this is your case, it is best to stop doing it if you do not want to find a bad smell (very unpleasant) emerging from the pipes.

How to solve it?

In case of a bad smell, the solution explained for clogging in the drain is also applicable. However, in this case, the remedy is mainly preventive: do not let waste, food scraps, or any other type fall through your pipes. That is the best method.

Low Water Flow:

If you have detected a low flow of water through your pipes, pay attention. In the best of cases, it may be a situation that you can solve by opening the stopcock a little more, however, the cause could also be the accumulation of incrustations or remains of waste and therefore, a possible jam.

How to solve it?

If it is a pressure problem, the first thing you should do is check the valves at home. If everything is in order and that is not the cause of the low water flow, then you will have to think about cleaning the pipes. If that is the reason, you can choose to apply a homemade solution of vinegar and baking soda or use a commercial chemical product. Of course, keep in mind that this option only applies to cases in which the low flow is in the drainage process, not in supply.

If it is a supply problem, then the ideal would be to check once more the stopcocks to the house or request the help of a specialist.

Dirty Water:

Another common problem that you can find in your pipes has to do with the appearance of dirty or brown water when opening the taps. It is a common situation when we spend some time without opening a stopcock or when the internal rust in the pipes has already reached its maximum point.

How to solve it?

In the first case, if it is a mild situation, you can solve it by opening the taps for a few moments and letting the water flow for a few seconds until it returns to its usual color. Now, if despite the above, the brown color remains, then you will have to think about replacing the pipes since they have most likely already exceeded their useful life (a common situation in long-standing buildings).

Obstruction in Pipes:

As we have already mentioned, the accumulation of residues of all kinds in the pipes can cause jams over time. 

How to solve it?

In this situation, the first step will be to try to detect the cause of the blockage and if it is in a drain or other accessible area, try to fix it with homemade solutions such as liquids (natural or industrial) or household tools such as a manual plunger.

If after trying the alternatives that you have at your disposal you cannot solve the problem, then it will be time to call a specialist in urgent unblocking. In some cases, the expert may offer you an inspection of pipes with a television camera to detect the real cause of the problem and, once identified, proceed to solve it.

So these are some common problems with water pipes. If the solutions given here are beyond your expertise or don’t work, feel free to contact our plumbing services in NYC

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