Common Water Leaks and How They Can Cost You


When water leaks occur, you face a serious and complicated problem. Not only does it increase your utility bills, but also leads to structural damage.

For this reason, it is extremely important to know the different types of water leaks that exist. Some can be easily detected, since they are visibly found in the connections of the faucets, or in the pipes that are exposed, such as those that go directly to the sink or the sink.

Usually, these kinds of leaks can be easily fixed. However, the real problem is when we have a hidden water leak.

Here is a brief explanation of the different types of water leaks that you may encounter:


Slab leaks can damage your home’s foundation by weakening the structural integrity of the concrete. Clogged water lines are the most common cause of plumbing leaks. The slow flow of high-pressure water can cause pipes to crack or even burst. Uneven water pressure can also cause pipe joints to dislodge.

You may find that old, corroded, or damaged pipes are more vulnerable to leaks than high-quality pipes. Your local Silver Spring plumber will find out the root cause of the leak and do what is necessary to fix it.


The toilet could leak from the base if the base seal is not effective. Faulty flush valves, condensation, and lose T-bolts are other common causes of toilet leaks.

You can cause severe damage to your toilet, supply pipes, and other components if you try to repair the leak yourself. Expert plumbers who specialize in toilet repairs should be called instead.


Maintenance costs for the main water line in Silver Spring, MD, could range from $ 300 to $ 1,500, depending on the condition of the line. You must call your local plumber immediately if there are leaks in your main water line.


Improper maintenance and improper service can cause your water heater to explode. Loose drain valves and cracks in the water heater tank are the most common causes of water heater leaks. Additionally, mineral buildup inside the tank can cause corrosion and rust inside the water heater tank.

You may also consider immediately contacting a reputable plumbing service company if your T&P valve is leaking or leaking; the T&P valve leaks when there is excessive water pressure.


Sometimes water leaks are not visible. In these scenarios, you are likely to realize the problem only when it leads to some big damages or costs. That’s why you shouldn’t ignore these hidden signs of water leaks.

When There is a Sudden Increase in Your Water Bill:

In some cases, when the pipes that pass inside the walls break or crack, it can take a long time before the leaks are detected, mainly when they do not generate noise or the water takes a long time in seeping into walls or ceilings.

The most common way to suspect a leak of this type is when there is a sudden increase in your water bill. In this case, it is necessary to check the entire pipeline, until the point of the problem is located to repair it immediately.

The appearance of Stains on the Wall or Ceilings:

Water leaks also cause dampness which is why you can notice those green, brown, or black stains on the walls or ceiling. In these cases, the leak is generally located in the area behind the humidity, so, although they are easy to detect, their repair process is time-consuming and expensive, due to the damage caused by humidity, which if not repaired quickly, can spread to other areas causing structural damage that, in some cases, is very serious.

A Lot of Noise:

A large volume of water leaks often generate a lot of noise, due to the significant flow of water they lead, so their detection is relatively simple, whether they are visible leaks or hidden leaks.  

How to Fix These Water Leaks?

Some repairs are simple DIY while some are beyond your control. That’s why it is better to call a professional plumber if you don’t have any idea about the water leaks or what to do. Feel free to contact our 24/7 plumbing services in NYC.

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