Best Laundry Room Design Ideas


An important but hugely overlooked room in any house is the laundry room, even though the residents spend quite a considerable time there. It is that place where clothing and house items ranging from socks to bed sheets and linens get washed every day. Spending time in the laundry room can become a herculean task if the room is difficult to get into or a maze to navigate in. Consulting the best handyman in Manhattan is the smart way to transform a laundry room.

Certain reasons can deem a laundry room a place to avoid. Some of these are:

Ugly appearance

Not all laundry rooms give the impression of a well-maintained room. Most are dirty and have a grim feeling to them which makes them unpleasant to look at. A visual revamp of the room becomes an important requirement in such scenarios so that you can enter and exit the room without having an unpleasant feeling.

Small size

The most common problem with laundry rooms is their size as they are more than often the smallest rooms in any house. If you knock something over in the laundry room every time you turn around, then you are lacking the much-needed space in there.

Crowded space

Since most laundry rooms are small and yet they are the place where all the essentials of the house get cleaned, it is possible that the room gets stuffed with muddy socks, smelly towels, and underused cleaning tools. How do you expect to clean anything well if you can’t even move around amidst all the clutter?

If you face any of the above issues or some other pain point while using your laundry room, then understand that it is time to hire handyman services and re-design the laundry room. But, if you are getting your home built, it is best to keep the following points in consideration so that you can get yourself a laundry room that meets your requirements and allows you the space and mood for work.

Installation of cabinets and shelves

Cabinets and shelves can convert a disastrous-looking room into a masterpiece as they provide you with the space to store cleaning supplies, misplaced soaps, and even dry sheets from getting spoilt. Just a few units of wooden cabinets or shelves on an unused wall can give you a storage area to take care of all the items.

Add a sink to the room

A sink is quite useful in laundry rooms as it can be used to hand-wash soft and delicate clothing items, prewash clothes, treat stains, and even clean up harsh messes that you would like to avoid taking into the kitchen sink. You just need to make some PVC pipe adjustments that you might already have in place for your washer so that the sink can be installed. Make sure to hire only the best plumber in NYC to get this project done.

Stackable washer and dryer

A washer and dryer that can be stacked together, can free up considerable space in the laundry room thus providing for the much-needed space for shelves, tabletops, and ironing boards.

Additional counter space

If your laundry room has a front-loading washer and a dryer that can’t be stacked together, you can place them right next to each other such that there is space available to install a wooden or a marble countertop over them. This will provide you with additional counter space that can be used to keep items or fold laundry.

Built-in ironing board

If you can install an in-built ironing board in your laundry room, it will make the room much more efficient. There are many stand-alone models of ironing boards manufactured by various companies that can be directly installed into a wall in the laundry room. Alternatively, you could install one on the inner side of a cabinet door that is high enough to provide the needed height. This will help you to avoid the cumbersome task of storing and setting up ironing boards.

Paint the room with bright color

Doing laundry is a tedious task and as such should be done in a bright and happy place instead of dark and dank spaces. A laundry room should be painted in lighter shades of yellow or blue so that the person doing the laundry can have a bright mood and setting. Hire the best painter in NYC for professional painting services

Hide the cleaning supplies

Supplies such as mops, brooms, dusters, and ironing boards should be kept with functionality and neatness instead of just piling them in a corner. You can find affordable hanging racks at the homeware section of any major supermarket.

Redo the flooring

Although it can be a time and money-intensive task, revamping the flooring of your laundry room can make a positive impact on the setting and mood of your laundry room. It is best to install stone, vinyl, or ceramic flooring as they are more resistant to stains and water as compared to laminates and carpets.

Being an essential part of your home and daily life quality, laundry rooms should be spruced up good so that you can get your work done with happiness and maximum efficiency. Hiring the best handyman in NYC can help elevate the quality of the renovation process. Functional designs and new decorations can liven up any laundry room and make it a pleasant place to be in.

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