A Complete Guide for DIY Home Improvement


Do you sometimes wish that your home could get a brand new look without having to suffer through the added time and extensive costs of a complete renovation? Well, a DIY home improvement project might be just the thing you need. Not only will these projects completely transform your space without the help of a contractor, but they are also a therapeutic way of getting the job done. Although an NYC Handyman Service is always recommended for such tasks, it is always a great idea to do it by yourself.

When you choose your DIY home improvement project, you should focus on what you want to accomplish and how much time you want to spend on it. Even though most DIY home improvement projects are very easy to complete, they require more time than hiring a contractor. You need to be sure that you know what you are getting into and how much time and effort is expected of you.

Here are a few ideas to help you get started on DIY home projects: 

Swap any outdated fixtures

Never underestimate the power of a fixture to change the way your room looks ultimately. You can just replace your old frosted glass pendants in the kitchen with some more contemporary glass globe fixtures. You can also top them off with Edison bulbs. Or maybe you could hang a chandelier right above the master bed. Maybe consider getting rid of any old ceiling fans and replacing them with fans that are more efficient and modern. Since you already have the wiring taken care of, you only need to swap your old fixtures with new ones to change the look and feel of your room.

Opt for a yellow glow lighting

When it comes to light fixtures, you will be better off by completely changing the ambiance of your home. An effortless way to get this done is to replace any white and harsh bulbs with calm yellow ones. Just make sure that you opt for LEDs. LEDs will ensure that your new bulbs stay there for a long time and need less maintenance. An excellent way to maximize the inner glow of your home is to install some dimmers instead of plain old light switches. These will help you adjust the brightness of your lights based on the time of the day and your mood.

Maximize the utility of unused corners by installing extra shelves

Every home has some corners that you are not sure about. You have no idea how to deal with them. A simple DIY solution to utilize them is by simply installing a few simple, floating shelves. This will give you some more storage space. Not to mention how great your corners will look with the extra work. All you need to install some additional shelves is some basic woodwork. If you follow a specific color pallet, you can easily use all the corners in your home to make a statement.

Hack your furniture

If you are tired of using your old furniture but don’t have the budget to replace all of it, you should opt for the next great thing, upgrading your current pieces. There are a lot of creative options to give a new life to your old furniture. You can use paint, reupholster the entire thing or use adhesive contact paper to add some designs and shapes.

Bring the great outdoors in

When you need to update the outdated or bland spaces around your home, very few things work as well as flowers and plants. A simple array of potted plants can freshen the air of a room. They also add a certain vitality and dose of happiness to your room. If you prefer the color black to green, you should opt for a more durable plant. You can also opt for a faux green plant or flowers. If you opt for high-quality ones, you can achieve the same look as a real one, and you don’t need to take care of them.

Put on a fresh coat of paint

If you want to update your space dramatically, nothing works better than adding a new, fresh coat of paint. You can go for a color that pops in your bedroom or living room accent wall. Painting your ceiling is also a great way to make a statement. You can also simply paint your kitchen cabinets to change the way your kitchen looks ultimately. When you are painting, you can also go for a quick touch up all around the house to repair wherever the current paint is chipping or peeling.

Enhance your entryway

One of the most underappreciated yet most utilized space around your home is your interior entryway. You can greatly enhance the way your entryway looks by installing a few simple upgrades. You can get a few hooks or maybe add a bench to upgrade the entire design. There are also a few DIY mud rooms that can help you add a little charm to your entryway. You can also go for a new rug to improve the style and comfort of the space. You should ideally opt for pieces that are both great at function as well as look aesthetically pleasing.

Get smart

With the leaps and bounds technology has been making, it is very easy to use it to improve your home. There are numerous smart home features that can integrate seamlessly into your existing home systems and wiring, from camera-enabled doorbells to self-programmable thermostats. These offer massive transformations when it comes to the design or the energy efficiency of your home.

Make your cords disappear

Does your home have messy cords? Whether these hang from the TV, are scattered on your nightstand, or are snaking from your desk to the wall, they are an unpleasant addition to your house. You need to get rid of them with simple DIY tricks to hide them. If you are a renter and can’t make any massive transitions like cutting out a piece of the drywall to hide the wires behind the walls, you can still get crafty with them. There are many DIY tricks that can help you streamline your space by hiding your cords.

Sometimes all you need to make a significant impact is to make numerous minor changes around the house. You can tackle these areas one at a time by using some of these DIY home improvement ideas.  You can always go for Handyman Service NY for great results.

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