9 Simple Home Renovation Tips For Spring Season

Spring Season

Spring Season

Finally, spring is here! And it is all about rebirth and rejuvenation. After a long, cold winter, the time for renovation project is also here. So it would be no surprise to find a number of homeowners to embark on renovation. There is a lot to experiment with, right from the kitchens to lighting to the exterior and yard, spring is an ideal time to give your home a facelift.

Hence, if you have been thinking about some restoration projects, starting in the spring will be perfect. To help you with what to do, here are nine simple ideas.

  1. Update the Siding: During the winter season you have been staying inside to keep warm. However, the outside of your house’s exterior has been bearing the intense weather conditions and winter’s harsh temperatures. So it will be a good decision to have your siding inspected. Call up a professional handyman service provider in NYC for the same. If advised, you can consider replacement with those great looking, energy efficient, high performance, vinyl siding options.
  2. Plan For Landscaping: It is the best time for landscaping. With flowering plants you can line your walkway or the driveway for instant gratification. The other great idea would be having shrubbery around the perimeter of your backyard. It really gives your house a cool, secluded vibe, preparing it for summers too. Here you have to be little careful while you’re choosing plants. You must know how much sun and shade different parts of your lawn receive. For homemakers who don’t have any plans to sell their property anytime soon can plant seeds instead.
  3. Update your kitchen:Being the heart of your home, kitchen has to be updated too. Certainly, it doesn’t have to be a costly drag. You can look for some minor repairs such as changing out the hardware. Else you can also opt for some DIYs like painting your cabinets and walls to turn your kitchen around. If you are not running short on budget, you can try converting to stainless steel or matte appliances, changing out the light fixtures, or even investing in new countertops to transform your kitchen.
  4. Prepare Your Rain Gutters: It is important to update rain gutters to prepare your home against the raging rain storms. Basically, the water from rain erodes the soil around the foundation, and the same splash dirt onto the siding of the house. Thankfully, the modern covered gutters cut a lot on maintenance. In case, it is not efficient enough, invest into latest gutter systems which can keep leaves and other objects away from clogging up the system.
  5. Improve Your Windows and Doors: In the same queue, the cold weather has been taking a toll on your windows and doors too. There are good chances to spot on those caulking which have cracked or shrunk in certain points. To ensure your home is in perfect state, work on the doors and windows. Doing so, you will be able to make them keep the cool air for longer when it gets too hot in summers. For this you can replace the caulking to make them properly sealed.
  6. Air Conditioner Inspection: When you are taking spring renovation in hand, always remember that summer follows the same. And at the time you are going to need air conditioners more than ever. Thus, it will be a good idea to get your central air conditioning system inspected. While your air conditioner keeps your home cool during the summer times, it will also dehumidify your house. Simply, keeping mold away from developing inside the walls.
  7. Repairing the Roof: The snowfall in winter season can be quite harmful for your roofs. If your roof has suffered damage, for instance, it has moisture seeping in between the cracks and creases; you need to get it repaired. There can be other problems such as peeling, curling, and even disintegration of the shingles. Hence, get it inspected and repaired by a professional.
  8. Work on the Outdoors: Without a doubt, spring is the ideal time to refresh the outdoor appeal of your house. It is better consider hiring a professional handyman service provider in NYC. From painting your walls to adding external features like shutters and trim, there is a lot to update your outer appearance. For those who plan to go for something adventurous, go for installing outdoor lighting. And don’t worry much for the expenses. Nowadays, there are many cost effective options which can elevate even the most basic homes. Simply, plan for lighting up for walkways and your landscaping, and feel the change.
  9. Bring a Hot Tub: What about treating you like a Pharaoh this spring? While the ancient Egyptians were in love with hot tubs, these are again gaining greater interest of homemakers. Just imaging turning home after a long, tiring day and you get to relax in that classy hot tub. Yes, it will be an amazing reason to be at home every day.

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