8 Best Daily Habits to Keep Your Bathroom Clean and Tidy


Needless to say that the bathroom is one of the most used spaces in your home if left dirty even for a short time, can quickly become a breeding ground of germs, bacteria, and unpleasant accumulation. Hair can get clogged into the plugholes, mildew can form on the floors and other corners, mirrors can lose their shines and stains on the toilet bowl.

Top of that, you need a couple of hours to clean your bathroom.

But you can save your time and energy by developing a few good habits. It will save you from the hassle and stressful process of bathroom cleaning.

Here’s how…

Make Sure to Wipe Your Shower Walls Every Time:

What is more stressful? What can kill your time?

Cleaning your shower walls for a couple of hours every month, or making a little effort to wipe away the moisture every time you take shower. Being a savvy homeowner, you will go for the second option.

All you need to squeegee walls to remove moisture that can trigger the growth of mold and the buildup.

Wiping away the moisture not only minimizes the occurrence of mold, but your shower/bath walls will look super clean for longer. As an added bonus, scrubbing will be painless and less time-consuming. Besides, it will remove soap scum and body oils.

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Remember to Flush:

Well, this idea might not be supported by everyone. While flushing is important to remove dirty and smelly build-up in the toilet, it can lead to the wastage of water.

If you want to keep your toilet bowl sparkling clean, make sure to flush with every use. It will help you keep it clean.

Clean Your Makeup Counters:

Make sure to clean your counters once you are done with makeup. Makeup can lead to the buildup of dirty grimes on bathroom counters. It is often time-consuming to remove makeup stains from counters and corking. So instead of letting the bits of foundation powder fall on the counter, why not take a second to wet a toilet paper or towel and wipe it right away. This way, you can keep your counter cleaner and shiner.

Dry the Floors:

There are many reasons to maintain a dry bathroom floor. One of them is to minimize the risk of slipping, especially if you have an aged person or kids at home. To prevent accidents caused by skidding or slipping, make sure to keep your bathroom floor dry.

Secondly, a damp floor or standing water can lead to the formation of mildew or mold over there. Keeping your bathroom floor dry can contribute to the hygiene and cleanliness of your bathroom. Someone standing barefoot in the bathroom on a wet floor is vulnerable to catching a cold. The mold and mildew formation in the creaks and corners of the bathroom tiles and bathroom door hinges is unhygienic due to the dampness of the bathroom floor. Wet bathroom floors can be the breeding ground of harmful bacteria.

Thirdly, the smell of a damp floor can kill the appeal of your bathroom. How unpleasant would it be to make a home from a long day of stressful work, wanting a relaxing shower, only to get into a gloomy bathroom with a damp, dirty smell?

Keeping your bathroom dry increases the overall appeal of your bathroom.

Here’s how you can maintain dry bathroom floors.

Ample Ventilation:

Make sure to have proper ventilation in your bathroom. A vent fan is a must as it absorbs all the moisture as well as protects your bathroom floor from moss or mold formation.

Categorizing it into Wet and Dry Areas:

Dividing your bathroom into wet and dry zones could be the best way to keep your bathroom clean. A wet zone can be used for showering, while a dry zone can contain a mirror, cabinets, and the toilet. By categorizing your bathroom this way, you can limit the moisture only to the wet zone and keep the rest of the area clean and dry. All you need to create a wall partition, installing curtains or shower doors. You can place a mat outside the wet zone to dry the feet and prevent the dripping all over the floor.

Use a Quality Spin Mop:

A spin mop is designed to clean floors with the minimum usage of water. The spinning action of the mop takes out excess water and dirt before it can be used to dry up the tiles. Make sure to turn on the bathroom fan or vent after mopping for quick and proper drying.

Vacuuming and Dusting:

Another step that not all people consider while cleaning a bathroom is to vacuum and dust the place. It is challenging to get rid of debris like hair from a bathroom floor, but vacuuming it all up is the easiest way to do so. Move a vacuum over top of your bathroom floors without spinning the brush roll and you can lift dirt, hair, and other debris that would have not easy with a broom. You can do vacuum your bathroom once a week.

Dusting is another essential step for bathroom maintenance. Keep a dust rag and spray handy to remove any dust buildup on the shower stall, shelves, and other areas in the bathroom that are vulnerable to accumulation. It can be done frequently each month, but this step will make your bathroom looking and smelling great.

Mirrors and Glass:

Mirrors and glass accentuate your bathroom. However, they call for constant wiping. Make sure to use quality glass cleaner. While there are many glass cleaners available, prefer the one with an alcohol base that can dissolve completely so that you don’t get streak on the surfaces after cleaning. However, your mirrors should be cleaned daily to remove lint, dust, and toothpaste specks. Just wipe it down with a microfiber cloth as soon as you are done with the bath or shower.

One more thing—don’t stand too close to the mirror while brushing the teeth otherwise you will end up splattering toothpaste on it.

Keep the Sink Clean:

A bathroom sink takes the most beating in the form of grime, gook, and toothpaste/soap specs. In fact, if the sink looks good then the rest of the bathroom looks clean, too. Therefore, make sure to give your sink a simple rinse and wipe whenever you are done using it. For instance, remove a glob of toothpaste otherwise it might attract hair and dirt. After using the sink, make sure to give it a quick wipe with a piece of tissue.

Also, if you use facials, mud masks, and any kind of skincare products, it is downright essential to wipe your sink. Otherwise, there will be a huge buildup of dirt and discoloration over time.

To simplify the job of sink cleaning, you can keep a stash of disinfecting wipes or cleaning wipes nearby so that you can quickly remove the stains. These wipes can be kept in places such as under the sink.

Bottom Line:

By using the right steps and imply important bathroom cleaning tips, you can maintain a clean and fresh smelling bathroom for longer. This means actively removing any dirt and grime as soon as you see them, and doing things like cleaning the toilets, showers, and bathtubs to keep everything in top shape.

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