6 Hilarious ‘DIY’ Home Improvement Fails to Learn From


 “Real home improvements are not that easy! Hiring a handyman is a must to meet the expectations of your home renovation.”

With regards to sprucing up your homes, we’ve all had that time when we understand that we can experiment with DIY. In any case, while experimenting with DIY, some common mistakes take place.

To avoid blunders while improving the look of your home, it’s better to hire a handyman.

Here are 6 hilarious mistakes that one can do while practicing ‘DIY’ home improvements;

The Double Switch Plate

Image 2


We understand that you don’t want to go again to the hardware store, but come on, this looks really weird.

The Problematic Cupboards

Image 3


These drawers appear to be installed in a pleasant way. But, while trying ‘DIY’ people often commits mistakes that creates problem to open them.

The Wonky Door Handles

Image 4

One needs to follow some guidelines while installing these kind of door handles. Remember! They are not at all reversible.

The Missing Door:

Image 5

Everyone wants that their home’s main entry should be attractive and perfect. But, if the door is missing, this creates a depressing effect.

The Toilet Notch

Image 6

This is the thing that happens when you realize that your measurements went wrong. And, after installing, it is quite difficult to re-install the door or toilet seat again.

Mixing Styles

Image 7

When you spruce up the value of your home with renovations, keep in mind the current style and décor of your home. While trying DIY, people often mix-match ultra, modern and contemporary in one.

Trying ‘DIY’ is not that bad idea! But, trying them in a good way, or by taking anyone’s advice is something worthy…

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