5 Ways Handyman Services Can Help You Relaunch Your Business


The pandemic may have given you a break from your business and now you may be planning to relaunch your business. The lockdown must have confined you to your home due to the restricted movement and you may not have been able to run your business but are now planning to relaunch with renewed spirits. Hiring the best handyman in NY is one way to start the transformation.

When you decide to visit your work premises after a long time, you will notice that a certain amount of damage control needs to be done. This is a top priority before your staff comes in and you decide on your relaunch date for customers and guests.

Many of us are reluctant to seek help from handyman services as the risk of getting infected and the fear of being exposed to the Covid 19 virus is still there. But, before the relaunch, it is important to ensure that the inside and outside of the premises are ready to welcome the guests.

Lets just discuss the 5 easiest ways of Handyman Services that can help you relaunch your business.

After a Long Visit

Surely your visit to your workplace is after a long period. As you look at your premises with a fresh perspective, you might pay attention to some areas that require repair and renovations, both on the outside as well as on the inside. Remember not to panic at this stage as you can hire the best handyman in Manhattan for all your requirements.

Apart from these repairs, you would also need a thorough cleaning and disinfection. Even for these services, handymen are a great option rather than dirtying yourself.

Remember to follow all the covid protocols like wearing a mask, maintaining social distance, and keeping a sanitizer handy.

Now, let’s discuss what all handyman services are there and who all can help you.

Types of Handyman Services

To help you identify certain problems that you might face when you reopen your services, below is a list of them all.

Painting the Exteriors and The Interiors

A long period of closure and neglect can fade away the paint and make the office premises look shabby. You can always hire a handyman in NY who can help you give your office a new look by applying a fresh coat of paint.

You can either go for a single-colored paint or a mixture of two or three colors to make it look appealing. If not then you can always ask them to give it the same color look as it was there earlier.

Doors and Windows

If you find some of your doors or windows damaged, you can always hire handyman services to make the necessary repairs or replace them if required. This will also ensure safety and protect the premises from further damages.

Cleaning and Repairs

Dust and grime often get accumulated on the floor and across the room due to long periods of absence. The best way to clean the space up is by hiring the best handyman in Manhattan. They will do a thorough spring cleaning and give your space a new facelift.

Light Fixtures and Electric Repairs

A long period of absence combined with damage done by nature can cause many electric faults that need to be repaired before you reopen for business. Expert handyman services can lend you a hand in doing so. They can help you in changing the bulbs and lights, repairing electrical points, and rewiring wherever necessary.

This can be done both on the inside and the outside. Also, depending on your size of the building generator works, and lift repairs can be done along with other fixtures.


Along with the interior and exterior, the roof also needs to be given a thorough inspection. In case of any loose or broken tiles, any holes, or damage to the roof you can avail the services of a handyman.

Above are some of the common cleaning and repair points for which you can hire a handyman in New York. But, remember that the pandemic is still not over. It becomes your responsibility to keep yourself safe before you work towards welcoming your staff back.

Make sure you hire a handyman from a genuine agency and they follow all the covid protocols. Ensure discussing with them the overall cost, timings, and requirements so that they come ready with all the tools and other necessary equipment.

Take their temperature before you allow them inside. Make sure you are wearing a mask and there are limited people in the vicinity to ensure social distancing.

You would also need to keep a touchless thermometer, masks, sanitizers, spare gloves, etc. ready for your staff and the guests to feel safe when they come back.  Sanitize the area regularly while also ensuring the seating arrangement is in accordance with the state protocols.

Following these steps will ensure a safe and successful comeback!

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