5 Easy DIY Garden Furniture Ideas using old Furniture!


Your lovely garden can be more beautiful if appropriate furniture is added to it. Now, this never means you need to dig a hole in your pocket for buying those expensive stuffs. You can easily create some of them with help of other unused furniture lying idle in your storeroom. Check here.

Gardening is emerging to be the one of the most favorite hobby nowadays. There is reason behind it, for some its caring for the mother earth and for some, it gives them some peaceful moments with nature. Whatever the reason may be, if your new hobby is gardening, then surely you want your garden to look the best. Isn’t it! Not a problem. You can now easily change things, create all new, beautiful and expedient garden space with help of garden furniture. For styling your garden space, you can opt for these ideas:

1. Planting in the Old Wooden Drawers:

Planting in the Old Wooden DrawersGenerally, there are a number of wooden drawers in your home, which are of no use for you. You bought it for your children. But, now they are grown up and hardly need them. Therefore, it is the best way to reuse them. Plant your favorite flowers or anything else, you love and keep it anywhere in the garden. It will offer an exclusive and appealing look to your garden.

2. Piano fount:

The exquisite flowerbed!  If you are a music lover, you must have the old piano in your home, isn’t it? Neither you wish to give it to someone nor can you keep it inside, what to do? Not to worry! Your garden needs a fount and your piano needs a space. What else can be better than this, just place you piano in your garden and create a beautiful waterfall in the garden.

3. The exquisite flowerbed! 

The exquisite flowerbed!  Your bed is getting old and you wish to change it. What you will do to this one? If this question worries you, then here is the idea to keep your special bed in front of your eyes, in your garden. Wondering! Yes, you can change it into a flowerbed. You can plant as many as flowers you want to. Make it colorful planting different types of flowers. It will bring all the colors to your garden.

4. Siblings Around!

Siblings Around!Do you wish to create a garden, which is adorable and attractive? Do you want your kids to spend more time here? You can take help of those old drums and paint them with the favorite color of your kids. Create images, they love the most and plant gorgeous flowers to make your garden greener and stunning.

5. Dressing table- Dress it in your own way!

Dressing tableYour old dressing table might not have space in your bedroom, but yes, your garden have ample space for it. There are multiple ways you can use it. While the drawers can be used to place some small pots, the upper space is perfect to place the big ones. Adding a contemporary lamp to this furniture hack will make it look more spectacular. In addition, the mirror will reflect the light, making it appear brighter.

All the aforementioned designs not only enhance the overall appearance of your garden, but also are very practical in use. Therefore, whether your garden is small or big, these DIY garden furniture ideas can be the crowning glory.

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