5 Budget Friendly Ideas to Beautify Your Home


If you really go crazy about the home improvement tips, it can turn out to be too heavy on your pocket. So, it’s good to decide what actually you wish to do or what part of your home requires immediate make over and then just go ahead with it.

Following can be some of the ideas that may help you in doing the right revamping for your mansion.

  • Add Some Greenery To The Interior

There are some plants that can sustain without sunlight or without needing much of it. Many ferns will fulfil your purpose and even you can plant herbs in vases.

This will not just make you place more alive but also will help in absorption of aerosols from the room fresheners, refrigeration gas and other fumes.

•	Add some greenery to the interior

  • Wall Art

You can put up old photos by framing them or by using your creative craft ideas to give your blank walls an attractive look. Even you can put some paintings, 3D art or just re-paint it for an altogether new look.

Wall Art

  • Get Energy Efficient

Well that doesn’t mean you start surviving without electricity. But yes you can install some energy efficient devices in your home. A CFL is a basic energy efficient device you can install.

If you have a bigger budget you can even set-up solar panels or solar water heater at your roof-tops to meet your hot water needs.

Get energy efficient

  • Brighten Up Your Home

Add some good lightening to your home, this definitely makes a difference. Use pretty lights, replace your old chandelier and put on nice lamps.

This adds elegance to your place and makes the house delighted up.

Brighten Up Your Home

  • Granite Look For Your Kitchen

While replacing the whole kitchen cabinets and counter-tops may cost you too much. You can for a change use the granite paint and give your kitchen a granite feel.

This may hardly cost you from $80-$100 and would definitely lighten up your kitchen.

Granite look for your kitchen

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