5 Biggest Plumbing Myths You Must Know to Save on Repairs



Some of the plumbing tips have been passed from generation to generation. Whether they are irrational or true, most of the homeowners don’t care about that.

How can you say that a coffee ground can clean your pipes? Do bleach tablets really clean your toilet? Why shouldn’t you worry over the small leaks in faucets?

No home owner is quite sure about these methods’ efficiency, but they make you spend heavily on plumbing repairs or even pipe replacement if things go wrong.

Therefore, they are nothing but the misconceptions you must avoid. Here are some common plumbing myths go busted.

Myth#1: Lemon Can Clean and Freshen the Sink Disposal

Eye Opener:

Lemon can remove the odor from your disposal. But you must know that the citric acid can make the metal rusty, making you to replace the entire pipe. Instead, you can use ice cubes or the mixture of soap and water to remove the smell.

Myth#2: Use Plunger Every time for Blockage

Eye Opener:

Plunger can actually push the blocked stuff further down the drainage. You can use a claw tool or strong wire hook to remove the obstruction from your washroom pipes.

Myth#3: Anything Can Be Flushed Down the Toilet

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Several bathroom items like wipes, paper towels and hygiene products can’t break down easily. Therefore, flushing down your toilet with these things can clog the drainage system.

Myth# 4:

Running Water Makes the Garbage Travel Easily:

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Many homeowners think that they can put anything down their garbage disposals as long as they run water. But that trick doesn’t go with hard and thick food items, like eggshells and pineapple peels. Rather, they can damage your draining pipes once they stuck.

Myth# 5: Dripping Water is Not a Big Deal

Eye Opener:

Water leakage from faucets means the big water wastage if it stretches over weeks or months. Besides having an empty water tank, you end up paying huge water utility bill.

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