5 Amazing DIY Projects Ideas to Plan in 2021 for Home Improvements


2021 seems to be the year to adapt to the new normal— staying safe and staying home. Regardless of the reason behind taking over home improvement projects, it is only going to benefit your home and your productivity levels. While major renovation projects can be taken care of by the best handyman in Manhattan, there are many other DIY home improvement projects that you and your family members can easily complete. With the pandemic down upon us, it would be best to stay home and keep yourself busy with some amazing project ideas which would keep the stress away and a beautiful ambiance around. 

So whether you are upgrading your home office or install some light fixtures in your home; home renovation, big or small, is going to be fun this year as we bring to you some of the best 

Although the list is endless, we have listed only the five best home improvement ideas to give your house the ultimate transformation this year. Take a look!

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  1. Safety first

Home improvement projects are mostly limited to upgrading kitchen and bathrooms, these projects no matter how rewarding, require the assistance of a handyman in NYC or else, could result in faulty structures and fixtures. Fortunately, serious home improvement projects can be carried out by you as well. In this case, installing home security is a great way to add safety features to your home. This DIY project should be a top priority to keep your home safe. A quality security camera system installed would give you peace of mind and keep you at ease 24/7. 

  1. Statement Walls 

The more you spend time indoors, the more you realize there is so much work to do in your home. Sometimes, no matter how much you work on the décor and aesthetics, it still looks bland. The problem is not with your taste, it could possibly be the plain walls bringing a dull appearance to the home décor. So before you think of flipping the entire house, take a good look at the walls and give them a brand new look! It could be a splendid wallpaper or a bold shade of paint. The rich color on your wall is just the spectacular statement you need in your house. From pop neons to rich ruby shades and earthy tones— don’t shy away from adding the glam quotient to your walls. 

  1. Home Office

Your home is no longer your personal space, the new normal has your home turned into a work area as well—and it is going to stay for a while. So, while you work so much on your home, invest some time and energy to accentuate the ambiance of your office for better productivity and concentration. 

Although it is a refreshing change to work from home, you must give your home office a fortifying transformation for a dedicated home office space. There should be ample natural light for you to feel fresh and calm while you work and there should be a “zoom corner” to have dedicated space for video conferencing with aesthetically pleasing backgrounds and accessible electric fittings for seamless operations. It doesn’t matter whether you are planning to turn your basement or storage room into an office, it should, in the end, be a positive change. 

  1. Outdoor space

Whether you wish to beautify your home for yourself or plan to increase its resale value, updating your home’s exterior is an excellent way to get things started. A beautiful house is incomplete without a splendid outdoor space. Great outdoor space in your apartment or a beautiful porch and patio is a fantastic way to accentuate the appeal of your home. You could start by your upgrading the old furniture or landscaping your garden. Either way, outdoor projects are always fun.

  1. Upgrade Light Fixtures 

Instead of spending your fall and winters taking care of home renovations, focus on working on your home improvement projects now to keep your home functional and beautiful for the rest of the year.  Make bold statements by installing a lavish chandelier in the living room or upgrading the light fixtures in your kitchen. Go a step ahead by installing motion detector lighting in the hallway, it is worth the investment. 

To conclude, the above DIY projects would do wonders for your home and help you stay productive throughout the year. Staying home can be challenging for some but these DIY projects would keep you and your family members amused and occupied throughout this year. It still would be best to consult a handyman in NYC before making some big decisions. 

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