Dependable Window AC Installation Service in NYC

Window air conditioners are a must in summers in a place like New York City. A window AC unit, however, can work optimally & correctly only if the installation is done correctly by a window air conditioner installation expert.

Once you’ve got yourself a new window AC, it’s absolutely necessary to let a reputed professional who’s accustomed to every single technicality of the installation process do the job for you!

Looking for a Professional Window AC Installer?

Before hiring a professional for window air conditioner installation in NYC, make sure the company you’ve selected is insured, and has trained and reliable technicians. HAYS NYC has it all!

Qualified and Authorized Windows AC Installers in NYC

Our technicians will:

  • Carry your window AC unit if you’ve purchased one
  • Follow all the instructions given by the manufacturer while installing a window AC unit
  • Make sure the AC unit has been secured as per standard requirements
  • Test the window AC unit in order to ensure safety
  • Properly clean the work corner post installation

Before You Buy a Windows AC – HAYS Recommendation

  • Select a window AC unit that best suits your requirements
  • Ask for all the accessories, warranty card and the instruction manual
  • Feel free to get in touch if you need any assistance on how to choose the right AC unit for your premises

Hiring Professional Window AC Installers

You can simply call us at 212–222–2770 or write to us at!

Once you make contact, we’ll make sure our authorized installer, equipped with the right equipment and help staff comes over to do the needful in less than 48 hours!

In most cases, installations are carried out on the same day.